Daniel 8:8-14

Rotherham(i) 8 But, the he–goat, shewed himself very great,––and, when he had become mighty, the great horn, was broken in pieces, and there came up afterwards four, in its stead, towards the four winds of the heavens; 9 and, out of the first of them, came forth a little horn,––which became exceedingly great, against the south and against the east, and against the beautiful [land]; 10 yea it became great as far as the host of the heavens,––and caused to fall, to the earth, some of the host and some of the stars, and trampled them underfoot; 11 even as far as the ruler of the host, shewed he his greatness,––and, because of him, was taken away the continual [ascending–sacrifice], and the place of the sanctuary, was cast down; 12 and, a host, was set over the continual [ascending–sacrifice], by transgression,––and faithfulness, was cast down, to the ground, and so he acted with effect, and succeeded. 13 Then heard I a certain holy one, speaking,––and another holy one said to that certain holy one who was speaking––How long is the vision of the continual [ascending–sacrifice] as taken away, and the transgression which astoundeth, for both sanctuary and host to be given over to be trampled underfoot? 14 And he said unto him, Until two thousand and three hundred evening–mornings,––then shall the sanctuary, be vindicated.