Daniel 8:8-14

ECB(i) 8 And the buck of the doe goats greatens mightily: and when he is mighty, the great horn breaks; and a vision of four ascends toward the four winds of the heavens: 9 and from one of them, comes a little horn which greatens exceedingly, toward the south and toward the rising and toward the splendor: 10 and it greatens to the host of the heavens; and it fells some of the host and of the stars to the earth, and tramples them. 11 Yes, he greatens, even to the governor of the host; and he lifts the continual and casts down the place of the holies: 12 and he gives a host against the continual by reason of rebellion, and casts down the truth to the earth; and it works and prospers. 13 And I heard a holy one speaking, and a holy one says to such a one who speaks, How long ere the vision of the continual, and the rebellion of desolating, gives both the holies and the host a trampling? 14 And he says to me, Until two thousand and three hundred evening mornings; then the holies is justified.