2 Samuel 21:3-14

Coverdale(i) 3 Then sayde Dauid to the Gibeonites: What shal I do vnto you? And where withall shal I make the attonement, that ye maye blesse ye enheritaunce of ye LORDE? 4 The Gibeonites sayde vnto him: It is not for golde and syluer that we haue to do wt Saul and his house, nether haue we oughte to do for to slaye eny ma in Israel. He sayde: What saye ye then, that I shal do vnto you? 5 They sayde vnto ye kynge: The man that hath destroyed vs and broughte vs to naughte, shulde we destroye, that nothinge be lefte him in all the coastes of Israel. 6 Let there be geuen vs seuen men of his sonnes, that we maye hange them vp vnto the LORDE at Gibea of Saul the chosen of the LORDE. The kynge sayde: I wyll geue them. 7 Howbeit the kynge spared Mephiboseth ye sonne of Ionathas ye sonne of Saul, because of the ooth of the LORDE yt was betwene them: namely, betwene Dauid & Ionathas the sonne of Saul. 8 But the two sonnes of Rispa ye doughter of Aia, whom she had borne vnto Saul, Armoni & Mephiboseth, And the fyue sonnes of Michol the doughter of Saul, whom she bare vnto Adriel the sonne of Barsillai the Mahalothite, 9 dyd the kynge take, and gaue them in to the handes of ye Gibeonites, which hanged the vp vpo the mount before the LORDE. So these seuen fell at one tyme, and dyed in the tyme of the first haruest, whan ye barly haruest begynneth. 10 Then toke Rispa the doughter of Aia a sack cloth, & spred it vpon the rock in the begynnynge of the haruest, tyll the water from the heauen dropped vpo them, and suffred not the foules of the heauen to rest on them on the daye tyme, nether the wylde beestes of the felde on the nighte season. 11 And it was tolde Dauid what Rispa the doughter of Aia Sauls concubyne had done. 12 And Dauid wente and toke the bones of Saul and the bones of Ionathas his sonne from ye citesens at Iabes in Gilead (which they had stollen from ye strete at Bethsan, where ye Philistynes had hanged the, what tyme as the Philistynes had smytten Saul vpon mount Gilboa) 13 and broughte them vp from thence, and gathered them together wt the bones of them that were hanged. 14 And the bones of Saul and of his sonne Ionathas buried they in ye londe of Ben Iamin, besyde ye graue of his father Cis. So after this was God at one with the londe.