Numbers 35:1-8

Bishops(i) 1 And the Lorde spake vnto Moyses in the fieldes of Moab by Iordane ouer against Iericho, saying 2 Commaunde ye chyldren of Israel, that they geue vnto the Leuites of the inheritaunce of their possession, cities to dwell in: And ye shal geue also vnto the cities of the Leuites, suburbes harde by their cities rounde about them 3 The cities shall they haue to dwell in, and the suburbes for their cattell, and for their possession, & al maner of beastes of theirs 4 And the suburbes of the cities whiche ye shall geue vnto the Leuites, shall reache from the wall of the citie outwarde, a thousande cubites rounde about 5 And ye shall measure without the citie of the east syde, two thousande cubites: and of the south syde, two thousande cubites: and of the west side, two thousand cubites: and of the north side, two thousande cubites also, and the citie shalbe in the middes: and these shalbe the suburbes of their cities 6 And from among the cities whiche ye shall geue vnto the Leuites, there shal be sixe cities for refuge, whiche ye shall appoynt [to that intent] that he whiche kylleth, may flee thyther: And to them ye shall adde fourtie and two cities mo 7 So that all the cities whiche ye shall geue the Leuites, may be fourtie and eyght, them [shall ye geue] with their suburbes 8 And these cities whiche ye shall geue, shalbe out of the possession of the chyldren of Israel. They that haue many, shall geue many: but of them that haue fewe, ye shall take fewe. Euery one shal geue of his cities vnto the Leuites, accordyng to the inheritaunce whiche he inheriteth