Jeremiah 18:2-12

Bishops(i) 2 Arise, and go downe into the potters house, & there shal I tell thee more of my mynde 3 Nowe when I came to the potters house, I founde hym makyng his worke vpon a wheele 4 The vessell that the potter made of clay, brake among his handes: So he began a newe, and made another vessell accordyng to his mynde 5 Then sayde the Lorde thus vnto me 6 May not I do with you as this potter doth O ye house of Israel saith the Lorde? Beholde ye house of Israel, ye are in my hande, euen as the clay is in the potters hande 7 When I take in hande to roote out, to destroy, or to waste away any people or kyngdome 8 If that people agaynst whom I haue thus deuised, conuert from their wickednesse, I repent of the plague that I deuised to bryng vpon them 9 Agayne, when I take in hande to builde or to plant a people or a kyngdome 10 If the same people do euyll before me and heare not my voyce, I repent of the good that I haue deuised for them 11 Speake nowe therfore vnto whole Iuda, and to them that dwell at Hierusalem, thus saith the Lorde, Beholde I am deuisyng a plague for you, and am takyng a thyng in hande agaynst you: therfore let euery man turne from his euyll way, and take vpon you the thyng that is good and ryght 12 But they sayde, No more of this, we wyll folowe our owne imaginations, and do euery man accordyng to the wilfulnesse of his owne mynde