Numbers 5:8

  8 G1437 But if G1161   G3361 there might not G1510.3 be G3588 to the G444 man G3588   G70.4 acting as next of kin, G5620 so as G591 to give G1473 to him satisfaction G3588 for the G4131.3 trespass offering, G3588 let the G4131.3 trespass offering, G3588 the one G591 being given G3588 be to the G2962 lord -- G3588 [2for the G2409 3priest G1510.8.3 1it shall be], G4133 besides G3588 the G2919.1 ram G3588 of the G2434 atonement, G1223 by G3739 which G1837.2 he shall atone G1722 with G1473 it G4012 for G1473 him.