Joshua 24:7

  7 G2532 And G994 we yelled G4314 to G2962 the lord, G2532 and G1325 he put G3507 a cloud G2532 and G1105 dimness G303.1 between G1473 you G2532 and G303.1 between G3588 the G* Egyptians; G2532 and G1863 he brought G1909 upon G1473 them G3588 the G2281 sea, G2532 and G2572 it covered G1473 them; G2532 and G1492 [2beheld G3588   G3788 1your eyes] G1473   G3745 as much as G4160 the lord did G2962   G1722 in G1093 the land G* of Egypt; G2532 and G1510.7.5 you were G1722 in G3588 the G2048 wilderness G2250 [2days G4183 1many].