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John 12:1-50

  1 G3767 Then G2424 Jesus G1803 six G2250 days G4253 before G3957 the passover G2064 [G5627] came G1519 to G963 Bethany G3699 , where G2976 Lazarus G2258 [G5713] was G3588 who G2348 [G5761] had been dead G3739 , whom G1453 [G5656] he raised G1537 from G3498 the dead.
  2 G1563 G3767 There G4160 [G5656] they made G846 him G1173 a supper G2532 ; and G3136 Martha G1247 [G5707] served G1161 : but G2976 Lazarus G2258 [G5713] was G1520 one G4873 [G5740] of them that sat at the table G846 with him.
  3 G3767 Then G3137 Mary G2983 [G5631] took G3046 a pound G3464 of ointment G3487 G4101 of spikenard G4186 , very costly G218 [G5656] , and anointed G4228 the feet G2424 of Jesus G2532 , and G1591 [G5656] wiped G846 his G4228 feet G846 with her G2359 hair G1161 : and G3614 the house G4137 [G5681] was filled G1537 with G3744 the odour G3464 of the ointment.
  4 G3767 Then G3004 [G5719] saith G1520 one G1537 of G846 his G3101 disciples G2455 , Judas G2469 Iscariot G4613 , Simon's G3588 son, who G3195 [G5723] was to G3860 [G5721] betray G846 him,
  5 G1302 Why G4097 0 was G3756 not G5124 this G3464 ointment G4097 [G5681] sold G5145 for three hundred G1220 pence G2532 , and G1325 [G5681] given G4434 to the poor?
  6 G1161   G5124 This G2036 [G5627] he said G3756 , not G3754 that G846 he G3199 [G5707] cared G4012 for G4434 the poor G235 ; but G3754 because G2258 [G5713] he was G2812 a thief G2532 , and G2192 [G5707] had G1101 the bag G2532 , and G941 [G5707] bore G906 [G5746] what was put in it.
  7 G3767 Then G2036 [G5627] said G2424 Jesus G863 0 , { Let G846 her G863 [G5628] alone G1519 : for G2250 the day G3450 of my G1780 burial G5083 [G5758] hath she kept G846 this.}
  8 G1063 { For G4434 the poor G2192 [G5719] ye have G3842 always G3326 with G1438 you G1161 ; but G1691 me G2192 [G5719] ye have G3756 not G3842 always.}
  9 G4183 Many G3793 people G1537 of G2453 the Judeans G3767 therefore G1097 [G5627] knew G3754 that G2076 [G5748] he was G1563 there G2532 : and G2064 [G5627] they came G3756 not G1223 for G2424 Jesus G3440 ' sake only G235 , but G2443 that G1492 [G5632] they might see G2976 Lazarus G2532 also G3739 , whom G1453 [G5656] he had raised G1537 from G3498 the dead.
  10 G1161 But G749 the chief priests G1011 [G5662] consulted G2443 that G615 0 they might put G2976 Lazarus G2532 also G615 [G5725] to death;
  11 G3754 Because G1223 that by reason G846 of him G4183 many G2453 of the Judeans G5217 [G5707] went away G2532 , and G4100 [G5707] believed G1519 on G2424 Jesus.
  12 G1887 On the next day G4183 many G3793 people G2064 [G5631] that had come G1519 to G1859 the feast G191 [G5660] , when they heard G3754 that G2424 Jesus G2064 [G5736] was coming G1519 to G2414 Jerusalem,
  13 G2983 [G5627] Took G902 branches G5404 of palm trees G2532 , and G1831 [G5627] went forth G1519 to G5222 meet G846 him G2532 , and G2896 [G5707] cried G5614 , Hosanna G2127 [G5772] : Blessed G935 is the King G2474 of Israel G2064 [G5740] that cometh G1722 in G3686 the name G2962 of the Lord.
  14 G1161 And G2424 Jesus G2147 [G5631] , when he had found G3678 a young donkey G2523 [G5656] , sat G1909 on G846 it G2531 ; as G2076 [G5748] it is G1125 [G5772] written,
  15 G5399 [G5732] Fear G3361 not G2364 , daughter G4622 of Zion G2400 [G5628] : behold G4675 , thy G935 King G2064 [G5736] cometh G2521 [G5740] , sitting G1909 on G3688 a donkey's G4454 colt.
  16 G1161   G5023 These things G846 his G3101 disciples G1097 [G5627] understood G3756 not G4412 at the first G235 : but G3753 when G2424 Jesus G1392 [G5681] was glorified G5119 , then G3415 [G5681] they remembered G3754 that G5023 these things G2258 [G5713] were G1125 [G5772] written G1909 concerning G846 him G2532 , and G4160 [G5656] that they had done G5023 these things G846 to him.
  17 G3793 The people G3767 therefore G5607 [G5752] that were G3326 with G846 him G3753 when G5455 [G5656] he called G2976 Lazarus G1537 out of G3419 his grave G2532 , and G1453 [G5656] raised G846 him G1537 from G3498 the dead G3140 [G5707] , bore witness.
  18 G5124 For this G1223 cause G3793 the people G2532 also G5221 [G5656] met G846 him G3754 , for that G191 [G5656] they heard G846 that G4160 [G5760] he had done G5124 this G4592 miracle.
  19 G5330 The Pharisees G3767 therefore G2036 [G5627] said G4314 among G1438 themselves G2334 [G5719] , Perceive ye G3754 how G5623 [G5719] ye prevail G3756 G3762 nothing G2396 ? behold G2889 , the world G565 [G5627] is gone G3694 after G846 him.
  20 G1161 And G2258 [G5713] there were G5100 certain G1672 Hellenes G1537 among G305 [G5723] them that came up G2443 to G4352 [G5661] worship G1722 at G1859 the feast:
  21 G3778 The same G4334 [G5656] came G3767 therefore G5376 to Philip G575 , who was of G966 Bethsaida G1056 of Galilee G2532 , and G2065 [G5707] desired G846 him G3004 [G5723] , saying G2962 , Sir G2309 [G5719] , we would G1492 [G5629] see G2424 Jesus.
  22 G5376 Philip G2064 [G5736] cometh G2532 and G3004 [G5719] telleth G406 Andrew G2532 : and G3825 again G406 Andrew G2532 and G5376 Philip G3004 [G5719] tell G2424 Jesus.
  23 G1161 And G2424 Jesus G611 [G5662] answered G846 them G3004 [G5723] , saying G5610 , { The hour G2064 [G5754] is come G2443 , that G5207 the Son G444 of man G1392 [G5686] should be glorified.}
  24 G281 { Verily G281 , verily G3004 [G5719] , I say G5213 to you G3362 , Except G2848 a grain G4621 of wheat G4098 [G5631] fall G1519 into G1093 the ground G599 [G5632] and die G846 , it G3306 [G5719] abideth G3441 alone G1161 : but G1437 if G599 [G5632] it die G5342 [G5719] , it bringeth forth G4183 much G2590 fruit.}
  25 G5368 [G5723] { He that loveth G846 his G5590 life G622 [G5692] shall lose G846 it G2532 ; and G3404 [G5723] he that hateth G846 his G5590 life G1722 in G5129 this G2889 world G5442 [G5692] shall keep G846 it G1519 to G2222 life G166 age-during.}
  26 G1437 { If G5100 any man G1247 [G5725] serve G1698 me G190 [G5720] , let him follow G1698 me G2532 ; and G3699 where G1473 I G1510 [G5748] am G1563 , there G2071 0 shall G2532 also G1699 my G1249 servant G2071 [G5704] be G2532 : G1437 if G5100 any man G1247 [G5725] serve G1698 me G846 , him G5091 0 will G3962 my Father G5091 [G5692] honour.}
  27 G3568 { Now G5015 0 is G3450 my G5590 soul G5015 [G5769] troubled G2532 ; and G5101 what G2036 [G5632] shall I say G3962 ? Father G4982 [G5657] , save G3165 me G1537 from G5026 this G5610 hour G235 : but G5124 for this G1223 cause G2064 [G5627] I came G1519 to G5026 this G5610 hour.}
  28 G3962 { Father G1392 [G5657] , glorify G4675 thy G3686 name G3767 .} Then G2064 [G5627] came there G5456 a voice G1537 from G3772 heaven G1392 0 , saying, I have G2532 both G1392 [G5656] glorified G2532 it, and G1392 [G5692] will glorify G3825 it again.
  29 G3793 The people G3767 therefore G2476 [G5761] , that stood by G2532 , and G191 [G5660] heard G3004 [G5707] it, said G1096 G1027 [G5755] that it thundered G243 : others G3004 [G5707] said G32 , An angel G2980 [G5758] spoke G846 to him.
  30 G2424 Jesus G611 [G5662] answered G2532 and G2036 [G5627] said G3778 , { This G5456 voice G1096 [G5754] came G3756 not G1223 because of G1691 me G235 , but G1223 0 for G5209 G1223 your sakes.}
  31 G3568 { Now G2076 [G5748] is G2920 the judgment G5127 of this G2889 world G3568 : now G1544 0 shall G758 the prince G5127 of this G2889 world G1544 [G5701] be cast G1854 out.}
  32 G2504 { And I G1437 , if G5312 [G5686] I shall be lifted up G1537 from G1093 the earth G1670 [G5692] , will draw G3956 all G4314 men to G1683 me.}
  33 G1161   G5124 This G3004 [G5707] he said G4591 [G5723] , signifying G4169 what G2288 death G3195 [G5707] he should G599 [G5721] die.
  34 G3793 The people G611 [G5662] answered G846 him G2249 , We G191 [G5656] have heard G1537 out of G3551 the law G3754 that G5547 Christ G3306 [G5719] abideth G1519 to G3588 the G165 age G2532 : and G4459 how G3004 [G5719] sayest G4771 thou G3754 , G5207 { The Son G444 of man G1163 [G5748] must G5312 [G5683] be lifted up G5101 ?} who G2076 [G5748] is G3778 this G5207 Son G444 of man?
  35 G3767 Then G2424 Jesus G2036 [G5627] said G846 to them G2089 , { Yet G3398 a little G5550 while G2076 [G5748] is G5457 the light G3326 with G5216 you G4043 [G5720] . Walk G2193 while G2192 [G5719] ye have G5457 the light G3363 , lest G4653 darkness G2638 [G5632] come upon G5209 you G2532 : for G4043 [G5723] he that walketh G1722 in G4653 darkness G1492 [G5758] knoweth G3756 not G4226 where G5217 [G5719] he goeth.}
  36 G2193 { While G2192 [G5719] ye have G5457 light G4100 [G5720] , believe G1519 in G5457 the light G2443 , that G1096 [G5638] ye may be G5207 the children G5457 of light G5023 .} These things G2980 [G5656] spoke G2424 Jesus G565 [G5631] , and departed G2532 , and G2928 [G5648] was hidden G575 from G846 them.
  37 G1161 But G846 though he G4160 [G5761] had done G5118 so many G4592 miracles G1715 before G846 them G4100 [G5707] , yet they believed G3756 not G1519 on G846 him:
  38 G2443 That G3056 the saying G2268 of Isaiah G4396 the prophet G4137 [G5686] might be fulfilled G3739 , which G2036 [G5627] he spoke G2962 , Lord G5101 , who G4100 [G5656] hath believed G2257 our G189 report G2532 ? and G5101 to whom G1023 hath the arm G2962 of the Lord G601 [G5681] been revealed?
  39 G5124 G1223 Therefore G1410 [G5711] they could G3756 not G4100 [G5721] believe G3754 , because G2268 that Isaiah G2036 [G5627] said G3825 again,
  40 G5186 [G5758] He hath blinded G846 their G3788 eyes G2532 , and G4456 [G5758] hardened G846 their G2588 heart G3363 0 ; that G1492 0 they should G3363 not G1492 [G5632] see G3788 with their eyes G2532 , nor G3539 [G5661] understand G2588 with their heart G2532 , and G1994 [G5652] be converted G2532 , and G2390 [G5667] I should heal G846 them.
  41 G5023 These things G2036 [G5627] said G2268 Isaiah G3753 , when G1492 [G5627] he saw G846 his G1391 glory G2532 , and G2980 [G5656] spoke G4012 of G846 him.
  42 G3676 G3305 Nevertheless G1537 among G758 the chief rulers G2532 also G4183 many G4100 [G5656] believed G1519 on G846 him G235 ; but G1223 because G5330 of the Pharisees G3670 0 they did G3756 not G3670 [G5707] confess G3363 him, lest G1096 [G5638] they should be G656 put out of the synagogue:
  43 G1063 For G25 [G5656] they loved G1391 the praise G444 of men G3123 more G2260 than G1391 the praise G2316 of God.
  44 G1161   G2424 Jesus G2896 [G5656] cried G2532 and G2036 [G5627] said G4100 [G5723] , { He that believeth G1519 on G1691 me G4100 [G5719] , believeth G3756 not G1519 on G1691 me G235 , but G1519 on G3992 [G5660] him that sent G3165 me.}
  45 G2532 { And G2334 [G5723] he that seeth G1691 me G2334 [G5719] seeth G3992 [G5660] him that sent G3165 me.}
  46 G1473 { I G2064 [G5754] am come G5457 a light G1519 into G2889 the world G3363 0 , that G3956 every G3588 one G4100 [G5723] believing G1519 on G1691 me G3306 0 should G3363 not G3306 [G5661] abide G1722 in G4653 darkness.}
  47 G2532 { And G3362 0 if G5100 any man G191 [G5661] hear G3450 my G4487 words G2532 , and G4100 [G5661] believe G3362 not G1473 , I G2919 [G5692] judge G846 him G3756 not G1063 : for G2064 [G5627] I came G3756 not G2443 to G2919 [G5725] judge G2889 the world G235 , but G2443 to G4982 [G5661] save G2889 the world.}
  48 G114 [G5723] { He that rejecteth G1691 me G2532 , and G2983 [G5723] receiveth G3361 not G3450 my G4487 words G2192 [G5719] , hath G2919 [G5723] one that judgeth G846 him G3056 : the word G3739 that G2980 [G5656] I have spoken G1565 , the same G2919 [G5692] shall judge G846 him G1722 in G2078 the last G2250 day.}
  49 G3754 { For G1473 I G2980 0 have G3756 not G2980 [G5656] spoken G1537 from G1683 myself G235 ; but G3962 the Father G3992 [G5660] who sent G3165 me G846 , he G1325 [G5656] gave G3427 me G1785 a commandment G5101 , what G2036 [G5632] I should say G2532 , and G5101 what G2980 [G5661] I should speak.}
  50 G2532 { And G1492 [G5758] I know G3754 that G846 his G1785 commandment G2076 [G5748] is G2222 life G166 age-during G3739 : whatever G1473 I G2980 [G5719] speak G3767 therefore G2531 , even as G3962 the Father G2046 [G5758] said G3427 to me G3779 , so G2980 [G5719] I speak.}

2 Corinthians 2:14-17

  14 G1161 Now G5485 thanks G2316 be to God G3842 , who always G2358 0 causeth G2248 us G2358 [G5723] to triumph G1722 in G5547 Christ G2532 , and G5319 [G5723] maketh manifest G3744 the savour G846 of his G1108 knowledge G1223 by G2257 us G1722 in G3956 every G5117 place.
  15 G3754 For G2070 [G5748] we are G2316 to God G2175 a sweet savour G5547 of Christ G1722 , in G4982 [G5746] them that are saved G2532 , and G1722 in G622 [G5730] them that perish:
  16 G3739 To G3303 the one G3744 we are the savour G2288 of death G1519 to G2288 death G1161 ; and G3739 to the other G3744 the savour G2222 of life G1519 to G2222 life G2532 . And G5101 who G2425 is sufficient G4314 for G5023 these things?
  17 G1063 For G2070 [G5748] we are G3756 not G5613 as G4183 many G2585 [G5723] , who corrupt G3056 the word G2316 of God G235 : but G5613 as G1537 from G1505 sincerity G235 , but G5613 as G1537 from G2316 God G2714 , in the sight G2316 of God G2980 [G5719] we speak G1722 in G5547 Christ.

Mark 14:3

  3 G2532 And G846 G5607 [G5752] being G1722 in G963 Bethany G1722 in G3614 the house G4613 of Simon G3015 the leper G846 , as he G2621 [G5740] sat eating G2064 [G5627] , there came G1135 a woman G2192 [G5723] having G211 an alabaster box G3464 of ointment G3487 G4101 of spikenard G4185 very precious G2532 ; and G4937 [G5660] she broke G211 the box G2708 [G5656] , and poured G2596 it on G846 his G2776 head.

Ephesians 5:1-33

  1 G1096 [G5737] Be G3402 0 ye G3767 therefore G3402 followers G2316 of God G5613 , as G27 dear G5043 children;
  2 G2532 And G4043 [G5720] walk G1722 in G26 love G2531 , as G5547 Christ G2532 also G25 [G5656] hath loved G2248 us G2532 , and G3860 [G5656] hath given G1438 himself G5228 for G2257 us G4376 an offering G2532 and G2378 a sacrifice G2316 to God G1519 for G2175 a sweetsmelling G3744 savour.
  3 G2532 But G4202 fornication G1161 , and G3956 all G167 uncleanness G2228 , or G4124 covetousness G3687 0 , let it G3366 not be once G3687 [G5744] named G1722 among G5213 you G2531 , as G4241 [G5719] becometh G40 saints;
  4 G2532 Neither G151 filthiness G2532 , nor G3473 foolish talking G2228 , nor G2160 jesting G3588 , which G433 0 are G3756 not G433 [G5723] befitting G235 : but G3123 rather G2169 giving of thanks.
  5 G1063 For G5124 this G2075 G1097 [G5748] ye know G3754 , that G3756 G3956 no G4205 fornicator G2228 , nor G169 unclean person G2228 , nor G4123 covetous man G3739 , who G2076 [G5748] is G1496 an idolater G2192 [G5719] , hath G2817 any inheritance G1722 in G932 the kingdom G5547 of Christ G2532 and G2316 of God.
  6 G538 0 Let G3367 no man G538 [G5720] deceive G5209 you G2756 with vain G3056 words G1063 : for G1223 because G5023 of these things G2064 [G5736] cometh G3709 the wrath G2316 of God G1909 upon G5207 the children G543 of disobedience.
  7 G1096 [G5737] Be ye G3361 not G3767 therefore G4830 partakers G846 with them.
  8 G1063 For G2258 [G5713] ye were G4218 once G4655 darkness G1161 , but G3568 now G5457 are ye light G1722 in G2962 the Lord G4043 [G5720] : walk G5613 as G5043 children G5457 of light:
  9 G1063 (For G2590 the fruit G4151 of the Spirit G1722 is in G3956 all G19 goodness G2532 and G1343 righteousness G2532 and G225 truth;)
  10 G1381 [G5723] Proving G5101 what G2076 [G5748] is G2101 well-pleasing G2962 to the Lord.
  11 G2532 And G4790 0 have G3361 no G4790 [G5720] fellowship G175 with the unfruitful G2041 works G4655 of darkness G1161 , but G3123 G2532 rather G1651 [G5720] reprove them.
  12 G1063 For G2076 [G5748] it is G149 a shame G2532 even G3004 [G5721] to speak G2931 0 of those things G1096 [G5740] which are done G5259 by G846 them G2931 in secret.
  13 G1161 But G3956 all things G1651 [G5746] that are reproved G5319 [G5743] are made visible G5259 by G5457 the light G1063 : for G3956 whatever G5319 [G5746] doth make manifest G2076 [G5748] is G5457 light.
  14 G1352 Therefore G3004 [G5719] he saith G1453 [G5669] , Awake thou G2518 [G5723] that sleepest G2532 , and G450 [G5628] arise G1537 from G3498 the dead G2532 , and G5547 Christ G2017 0 shall give G4671 thee G2017 [G5692] light.
  15 G3767 Accordingly G991 [G5720] , look out G4459 how G199 precisely G4043 [G5719] ye walk G3361 , not G5613 as G781 unwise G235 , but G5613 as G4680 wise,
  16 G1805 [G5734] Redeeming G2540 the time G3754 , because G2250 the days G1526 [G5748] are G4190 evil.
  17 G1223 G5124 Therefore G1096 [G5737] be ye G3361 not G878 unwise G235 , but G4920 [G5723] understanding G5101 what G2307 the will G2962 of the Lord is.
  18 G2532 And G3182 0 be G3361 not G3182 [G5745] drunk G3631 with wine G1722 , in G3739 which G2076 [G5748] is G810 excess G235 ; but G4137 [G5744] be filled G1722 with G4151 the Spirit;
  19 G2980 [G5723] Speaking G1438 to yourselves G5568 in psalms G2532 and G5215 hymns G2532 and G4152 spiritual G5603 songs G103 [G5723] , singing G2532 and G5567 [G5723] making melody G1722 in G5216 your G2588 heart G2962 to the Lord;
  20 G2168 [G5723] Giving thanks G3842 always G5228 for G3956 all things G2316 to God G2532 and G3962 the Father G1722 in G3686 the name G2257 of our G2962 Lord G2424 Jesus G5547 Christ;
  21 G5293 [G5746] Submitting yourselves G240 one to another G1722 in G5401 the fear G2316 of God.
  22 G1135 Wives G5293 [G5732] , submit yourselves G2398 to your own G435 husbands G5613 , as G2962 to the Lord.
  23 G3754 For G435 the husband G2076 [G5748] is G2776 the head G1135 of the wife G2532 , even G5613 as G5547 Christ G2776 is the head G1577 of the congregation G2532 : and G846 he G2076 [G5748] is G4990 the saviour G4983 of the body.
  24 G235 Therefore G5618 as G1577 the congregation G5293 [G5743] is subject G5547 to Christ G3779 G2532 , so G1135 let wives G2398 be to their own G435 husbands G1722 in G3956 every thing.
  25 G435 Husbands G25 [G5720] , love G1438 your G1135 wives G2531 , even as G5547 Christ G2532 also G25 [G5656] loved G1577 the congregation G2532 , and G3860 [G5656] gave G1438 himself G5228 for G846 it;
  26 G2443 That G846 he G37 [G5661] might sanctify G2511 [G5660] and cleanse it G3067 with the washing G5204 of water G1722 by G4487 the word,
  27 G2443 That G3936 [G5661] he might present G846 it G1438 to himself G1741 a glorious G1577 congregation G3361 , not G2192 [G5723] having G4696 spot G2228 , or G4512 wrinkle G2228 , or G5100 any G5108 such thing G235 ; but G2443 that G5600 [G5753] it should be G40 holy G2532 and G299 without blemish.
  28 G3779 So G3784 [G5719] ought G435 men G25 [G5721] to love G1438 their G1135 wives G5613 as G1438 their own G4983 bodies G25 [G5723] . He that loveth G1438 his G1135 wife G25 [G5719] loveth G1438 himself.
  29 G1063 For G3762 no man G4218 ever yet G3404 [G5656] hated G1438 his own G4561 flesh G235 ; but G1625 [G5719] nourisheth G2532 and G2282 [G5719] cherisheth G846 it G2531 G2532 , even as G2962 the Lord G1577 the congregation:
  30 G3754 For G2070 [G5748] we are G3196 members G846 of his G4983 body G1537 , of G846 his G4561 flesh G2532 , and G1537 of G846 his G3747 bones.
  31 G473 For G5127 this cause G2641 0 shall G444 a man G2641 [G5692] leave G846 his G3962 father G2532 and G3384 mother G2532 , and G4347 [G5701] shall be joined G4314 to G846 his G1135 wife G2532 , and G1417 they two G2071 [G5704] shall be G1519 G3391 one G4561 flesh.
  32 G5124 This G2076 [G5748] is G3173 a great G3466 mystery G1161 : but G1473 I G3004 [G5719] speak G1519 concerning G5547 Christ G1519 G2532 and G1577 the congregation.
  33 G4133 G2532 Nevertheless G25 0 let G1520 G1538 each one G5210 of you G2596 in particular G3779 so G25 [G5720] love G1438 his G1135 wife G5613 even as G1438 himself G1161 ; and G1135 the wife G2443 see that G5399 [G5741] she reverence G435 her husband.

John 12:3

  3 G3767 Then G3137 Mary G2983 [G5631] took G3046 a pound G3464 of ointment G3487 G4101 of spikenard G4186 , very costly G218 [G5656] , and anointed G4228 the feet G2424 of Jesus G2532 , and G1591 [G5656] wiped G846 his G4228 feet G846 with her G2359 hair G1161 : and G3614 the house G4137 [G5681] was filled G1537 with G3744 the odour G3464 of the ointment.

Exodus 30:33-37

  33 H834 H376 Whoever H7543 [H8799] compoundeth H5414 [H8799] any like it, or whoever putteth H2114 [H8801] any of it upon a stranger H3772 [H8738] , shall even be cut H5971 off from his people.
  34 H3068 And the LORD H559 [H8799] said H4872 to Moses H3947 [H8798] , Take H5561 to thee sweet spices H5198 , stacte H7827 , and onycha H2464 , and galbanum H5561 ; these sweet H5561 spices H2134 with pure H3828 frankincense H905 : of each H905 shall there be a like weight:
  35 H6213 [H8804] And thou shalt make H7004 it a perfume H7545 , a confection H4639 after the art H7543 [H8802] of the perfumer H4414 [H8794] , tempered H2889 together, pure H6944 and holy:
  36 H7833 [H8804] And thou shalt beat H1854 [H8687] some of it very small H5414 [H8804] , and put H6440 of it before H5715 the testimony H168 in the tabernacle H4150 of the congregation H3259 [H8735] , where I will meet H6944 with thee: it shall be to you most H6944 holy.
  37 H7004 And as for the perfume H6213 [H8799] which thou shalt make H6213 [H8799] , ye shall not make H4971 to yourselves according to its composition H6944 : it shall be to thee holy H3068 for the LORD.

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