G2662 καταπατέω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to trample down, trample under foot
I trample under foot
I trample down, trample under foot (lit. and met.), spurn.
to trample down; figuratively, to reject with disdain
Derivation: from G2596 and G3961;

KJV Usage: trample, tread (down, underfoot).

G2596 G3961
1) to tread down, trample under foot, to trample on
2) metaph. to treat with rudeness and insult
2a) to spurn, treat with insulting neglect

From G2596 and G3961; to trample down; figuratively to reject with disdain

KJV Usage: trample, tread (down, underfoot).

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5 occurrences of G2662 καταπατέω

Matthew 5:13
Matthew 7:6
Luke 8:5
Luke 12:1
Hebrews 10:29

Corresponding Hebrew Words

kata pateo H947 bus qal,pil
kata pateo H1758 dush qal,ni
kata pateo H1804 dalach
kata pateo H1854 daqaq hoph.
kata pateo H1869 darakh qal.,hi.
kata pateo H1986 halam
kata pateo H6006 amas
kata pateo H6072 asas
kata pateo H6887 tsarar
kata pateo H7429 ramas qal,ni
kata pateo H7515 raphas
kata pateo H7533 ratsats
kata pateo H7602 shaaph
kata pateo H7779 shuph
kata pateo H8154 shasah
kata pateo H8155 shasas