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Winepress, Wine-vat

[ 1,,G3025, lenos ]
denotes a through or vat," used especially for the treading of grapes, Matthew 21:33. Not infrequently they were dug out in the soil or excavated in a rock, as in the rock vats in Palestine today. In Revelation 14:19-Revelation 14:20 (twice); Revelation 19:15 (where oinos is added, lit., "the winepress of the wine") the word is used metaphorically with reference to the execution of Divine judgment upon the gathered foes of the Jews at the close of this age preliminary to the establishment of the Millennial kingdom.

[ 2,,G5276, hupolenion ]
was "a vessel" or "trough" beneath the press itself (hupo, "beneath," and No. 1), for receiving the juice, Mark 12:1, RV, "a pit for the winepress." In the Sept., Isaiah 16:10; Joel 3:13; Haggai 2:16; Zechariah 14:10.

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