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Quench, Unquenchable

[ A-1,Verb,G4570, sbennumi ]
is used
(a) of quenching" fire or things on fire, Matthew 12:20, quoted from Isaiah 42:3, figurative of the condition of the feeble; Hebrews 11:34; in the Passive Voice, Matthew 25:8, of torches (See LAMP), RV, "are going out," lit., "are being quenched;" of the retributive doom hereafter of sin unrepented of and unremitted in this life, Mark 9:48 (in some mss. in Mark 9:44, Mark 9:46);
(b) metaphorically, of "quenching" the fire-tipped darts of the evil one, Ephesians 6:16; of "quenching" the Spirit, by hindering His operations in oral testimony in the church gatherings of believers, 1 Thessalonians 5:19. "The peace, order, and edification of the saints were evidence of the ministry of the Spirit among them, 1 Corinthians 14:26, 1 Corinthians 14:32-33, 1 Corinthians 14:40, but if, through ignorance of His ways, or through failure to recognize, or refusal to submit to, them, or through impatience with the ignorance or self-will of others, the Spirit were quenched, these happy results would be absent. For there was always the danger that the impulses of the flesh might usurp the place of the energy of the Spirit in the assembly, and the endeavor to restrain this evil by natural means would have the effect of hindering His ministry also. Apparently then, this injunction was intended to warn believers against the substitution of a mechanical order for the restraints of the Spirit." * [* From Notes on Thessalonians, by Hogg and Vine, p. 196.] Cp. Song of Songs 8:7.

[ B-1,Adjective,G762, asbestos ]
"not quenched" (a, negative, and A), is used of the doom of persons described figuratively as "chaff," Matthew 3:12; Luke 3:17, "unquenchable;" of the fire of Gehenna (See HELL), Mark 9:43, RV, "unquenchable fire" (in some mss. Mark 9:45). In the Sept., Job 20:26.

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