Multitude - Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words


[ 1,,G3793, ochlos ]
is used frequently in the four Gospels and the Acts; elsewhere only in Revelation 7:9; Revelation 17:15; Revelation 19:1, Revelation 19:6; it denotes
(a) a crowd or multitude of persons, a throng," e.g., Matthew 14:14-Matthew 14:15; Matthew 15:33; often in the plural, e.g., Matthew 4:25; Matthew 5:1; with polus, "much" or "great," it signifies "a great multitude," e.g., Matthew 20:29, or "the common people," Mark 12:37, perhaps preferably "the mass of the people." Field supports the meaning in the text, but either rendering is suitable. The mass of the people was attracted to Him (for the statement "heard Him gladly" cp. what is said in Mark 6:20 of Herod Antipas concerning John the Baptist); in John 12:9, "the common people," RV, stands in contrast with their leaders (John 12:10); Acts 24:12, RV, "crowd;"
(b) "the populace, an unorganized multitude," in contrast to demos, "the people as a body politic," e.g., Matthew 14:5; Matthew 21:26; John 7:12 (2nd part);
(c) in a more general sense, "a multitude or company," e.g., Luke 6:17, RV, "a (great) multitude (of His disciples)," AV, "the company;" Acts 1:15, "a multitude (of persons)," RV, AV, "the number (of names);" Acts 24:18, RV, "crowd" (AV, "multitude"). See COMPANY, No. 1, NUMBER.

[ 2,,G4128, plethos ]
lit., "a fullness," hence, "a large company, a multitude," is used
(a) of things: of fish, Luke 5:6; John 21:6; of sticks ("bundle"), Acts 28:3; of stars and of sand, Hebrews 11:12; of sins, James 5:20; 1 Peter 4:8;
(b) of persons,

(1) a "multitude:" of people, e.g., Mark 3:7-Mark 3:8; Luke 6:17; John 5:3; Acts 14:1; of angels, Luke 2:13;

(2) with the article, the whole number, the "multitude," the populace, e.g., Luke 1:10; Luke 8:37; Acts 5:16; Acts 19:9; Acts 23:7; a particular company, e.g., of disciples, Luke 19:37; Acts 4:32; Acts 6:2, Acts 6:5; Acts 15:30; of elders, priests, and scribes, Acts 23:7; of the Apostles and the elders of the Church in Jerusalem, Acts 15:12. See ASSEMBLY, No. 3. BUNDLE, No. 2, COMPANY, No. 5.

Note: In Luke 12:1, AV, the phrase, lit., "the myriads of the multitude" is translated "an innumerable multitude of people" (where "people" translates No. 1, above), RV, "the many thousands of the multitude" (where "multitude" translates No. 1).

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