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Hate, Hateful, Hater, Hatred

[ A-1,Verb,G3404, miseo ]
to hate," is used especially
(a) of malicious and unjustifiable feelings towards others, whether towards the innocent or by mutual animosity, e.g., Matthew 10:22; Matthew 24:10; Luke 6:22, Luke 6:27; Luke 19:14; John 3:20, of "hating" the light (metaphorically); John 7:7; John 15:18-John 15:19, John 15:23-John 15:25; Titus 3:3; 1 John 2:9, 1 John 2:11; 1 John 3:13, 1 John 3:15; 1 John 4:20; Revelation 18:2, where "hateful" translates the perfect participle Passive Voice of the verb, lit., "hated," or "having been hated;"
(b) of a right feeling of aversion from what is evil; said of wrongdoing, Romans 7:15; iniquity, Hebrews 1:9; "the garment (figurative) spotted by the flesh," Jude 1:23; "the works of the Nicolaitans," Revelation 2:6 (and Revelation 2:15, in some mss.; See the AV);
(c) of relative preference for one thing over another, by way of expressing either aversion from, or disregard for, the claims of one person or thing relatively to those of another, Matthew 6:24; and Luke 16:13, as to the impossibility of serving two masters; Luke 14:26, as to the claims of parents relatively to those of Christ; John 12:25, of disregard for one's life relatively to the claims of Christ; Ephesians 5:29, negatively, of one's flesh, i.e. of one's own, and therefore a man's wife as one with him.

Note: In 1 John 3:15, he who "hates" his brother is called a murderer; for the sin lies in the inward disposition, of which the act is only the outward expression.

[ B-1,Adjective,G4767, stugetos ]
"hateful" (from stugeo, "to hate," not found in the NT), is used in Titus 3:3.

[ C-1,Noun,G2189, echthra ]
"hatred:" See ENMITY.

[ C-2,Noun,G2319, theostuges ]
from theos, "God," and stugeo (See B), is used in Romans 1:30, AV, and RV, marg., "haters of God," RV, "hateful to God;" the former rendering is appropriate to what is expressed by the next words, "insolent," "haughty," but the RV text seems to give the true meaning. Lightfoot quotes from the Epistle of Clement of Rome, in confirmation of this, "those who practice these things are hateful to God."

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