Grind - Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words


[ 1,,G229, aletho ]
signifies to grind at the mill," Matthew 24:41; Luke 17:35. The Sept. has both the earlier form aleo, Isaiah 47:2, and the later one aletho, used in the Koine period, Numbers 11:8; Judges 16:21; Ecclesiastes 12:3-Ecclesiastes 12:4.

[ 2,,G5149, trizo ]
primarily of animal sounds, "to chirp, cry," etc., is used of grinding the teeth, Mark 9:18, RV, "grindeth" (AV, "gnasheth with"). See GNASH.

Note: In Matthew 21:44; Luke 20:18, likmao, "to winnow," as of grain, by throwing it up against the wind, to scatter the chaff and straw, hence has the meaning "to scatter," as chaff or dust, and is translated "will scatter ... as dust," RV (AV, "will grind ... to powder"). In the Sept. it is used of being scattered by the wind or of sifting (cp. Amos 9:9). The use of the verb in the papyri writings suggests the meaning, "to ruin, destroy" (Deissmann).

Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words