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[ 1,,G1888, epautophoro ]
primarily signifies caught in the act of theft" (epi, "upon," intensive, autos, "self," phor, "a thief"); then, "caught in the act" of any other crime, John 8:4. In some texts the preposition epi is detached from the remainder of the adjective and appears as ep' autophoro.

[ 2,,G1345, dikaioma ]
signifies "an act of righteousness, a concrete expression of righteousness," as in the RV of Romans 5:18, in reference to the Death of Christ; the AV wrongly renders it "the righteousness of One." The contrast is between the one trespass by Adam and the one act of Christ in His atoning Death. In Revelation 15:4; Revelation 19:8, the word is used in the plural to signify, as in the RV, "righteous acts," respectively, of God and of the saints. See JUDGMENT, JUSTIFICATION, ORDINANCE, RIGHTEOUSNESS.

[ 3,,G4238, prasso ]
"to do, to practice," is translated "act" in the RV of Acts 17:7 (AV, "do"). See COMMIT, DO, EXACT, KEEP, REQUIRE, USE.

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