Bible verses about "reserection" | IGNT

Matthew 28:2

  2 G2532 και AND G2400 (G5628) ιδου BEHOLD, G4578 σεισμος A EARTHQUAKE G1096 (G5633) εγενετο THERE WAS G3173 μεγας GREAT; G32 αγγελος   G1063 γαρ FOR AN ANGEL OF "THE" G2962 κυριου LORD G2597 (G5631) καταβας HAVING DESCENDED G1537 εξ OUT OF G3772 ουρανου HEAVEN, G4334 (G5631) προσελθων HAVING COME G617 (G5656) απεκυλισεν ROLLED AWAY G3588 τον THE G3037 λιθον STONE G575 απο FROM G3588 της THE G2374 θυρας DOOR, G2532 και AND G2521 (G5711) εκαθητο WAS SITTING G1883 επανω UPON G846 αυτου IT.

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