H6864 צר - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H6696; a stone (as if pressed hard or to a point); (by implication of use) a knife

KJV Usage: flint, sharp stone.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. flint, hard pebble
a. used as a knife
Origin: from H6696
TWOT: 1975b
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

1) flint, hard pebble
1a) used as a knife

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2 occurrences of H6864 צר

Exodus 4:25 a sharp stone,
Ezekiel 3:9 than flint

Distinct usage

1 a sharp stone,
1 than flint

Corresponding Greek Words

tsor G5586 psephos

Related words

H6864 צר

H6862 צר צר tsar tsâr
צר צר
tsar tsâr
tsar, tsawr
From H6887; narrow; (as a noun) a tight place (usually figuratively, that is, trouble); also a pebble (as in H6864); (transitively) an opponent (as crowding)

KJV Usage: adversary, afflicted (-tion), anguish, close, distress, enemy, flint, foe, narrow, small, sorrow, strait, tribulation, trouble.

H6865 צור צר tsôr tsôr
צור צר
tsôr tsôr
tsore, tsore
The same as H6864; a rock; Tsor, a place in Palestine

KJV Usage: Tyre, Tyrus.

H6696 צוּר tsûr

A primitive root; to cramp, that is, confine (in many applications, literally and figuratively, formative or hostile)

KJV Usage: adversary, assault, beset, besiege, bind (up), cast, distress, fashion, fortify, inclose, lay siege, put up in bags.

H4692 מצוּר מצור mâtsôr mâtsûr
מצוּר מצור
mâtsôr mâtsûr
maw-tsore', maw-tsoor'
From H6696; something hemming in, that is, (objectively) a mound (of besiegers), (abstractly) a siege, (figuratively) distress; or (subjectively) a fastness

KJV Usage: besieged, bulwark, defence, fenced, fortress, siege, strong (hold), tower.

H6677 צוּארה צוּרן צוּר צוּאר tsavvâ'r tsavvâr tsavvârôn tsavvâ'râh
צוּארה צוּרן צוּר צוּאר
tsavvâ'r tsavvâr tsavvârôn tsavvâ'râh
tsav-vawr', -vawr', -vaw-rone', -vaw-raw
Intensive from H6696 in the sense of binding; the back of the neck (as that on which burdens are bound)

KJV Usage: neck.

H6697 צר צוּר tsûr tsûr
צר צוּר
tsûr tsûr
tsoor, tsoor
From H6696; properly a cliff (or sharp rock, as compressed); generally a rock or boulder; figuratively a refuge; also an edge (as precipitous)

KJV Usage: edge, X (mighty) God (one), rock, X sharp, stone, X strength, X strong. See also H1049.

H6735 ציר tsı̂yr
From H6696; a hinge (as pressed in turning); also a throe (as a physical or mental pressure); also a herald or errand doer (as constrained by the principal)

KJV Usage: ambassador, hinge, messenger, pain, pang, sorrow.

Compare H6736.