H5592 סף - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H5605, in its original sense of containing; a vestibule (as a limit); also a dish (for holding blood or wine)

KJV Usage: bason, bowl, cup, door (post), gate, post, threshold.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


1. a spreading out, basin, goblet, bowl
a. basin, goblet
2. threshold, sill
a. threshold, sill, door-keeper
Origin: from H5605, in its original sense of containing
TWOT: 1538a,1538b
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

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First 30 of 28 occurrences of H5592 סף

Exodus 12:22 that is in the basin,
Exodus 12:22 that is in the basin;
Judges 19:27 were upon the threshold.
2 Samuel 17:28 and basins,
1 Kings 7:50 And the bowls,
1 Kings 14:17 to the threshold
2 Kings 12:9 the door
2 Kings 12:13 bowls
2 Kings 22:4 of the door
2 Kings 23:4 of the door,
2 Kings 25:18 of the door:
1 Chronicles 9:19 of the gates
1 Chronicles 9:22 in the gates
2 Chronicles 3:7 the posts,
2 Chronicles 23:4 of the doors;
2 Chronicles 34:9 the doors
Esther 2:21 the door,
Esther 6:2 of the door,
Isaiah 6:4 of the door
Jeremiah 35:4 of the door:
Jeremiah 52:19 And the basins,
Jeremiah 52:24 of the door:
Ezekiel 40:6 the threshold
Ezekiel 40:6 threshold
Ezekiel 40:7 and the threshold
Ezekiel 41:16 The door posts,
Ezekiel 41:16 the door,
Ezekiel 43:8 of their threshold
Ezekiel 43:8 by my thresholds,
Amos 9:1 that the posts

Distinct usage

3 of the door:
2 of the door
2 of the door,
2 the door,
1 that is in the basin,
1 that is in the basin;
1 were upon the threshold.
1 and basins,
1 And the bowls,
1 to the threshold
1 the door
1 bowls
1 of the gates
1 in the gates
1 the posts,
1 of the doors;
1 the doors
1 And the basins,
1 the threshold
1 threshold
1 and the threshold
1 The door posts,
1 of their threshold
1 by my thresholds,
1 that the posts
1 shall be in the thresholds:
1 a cup

Corresponding Greek Words

saph G833 aule
saph G1529 eis odos
saph G2374 thura
saph G4439 pule
saph G4440 pulon