H4688 מצלה מצוּלה מצלה מצולה - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

מצלה מצוּלה מצלה מצולה
me tsôlâh me tsôlâh me tsûlâh me tsûlâh
(1,2) mets-o-law', (3,4) mets-oo-law'
From the same as H6683; a deep place (of water or mud)

KJV Usage: bottom, deep, depth.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


מצלה מצוּלה מצלה מצולה

1. depth, the deep, the deep sea
Origin: from the same as H6683
TWOT: 1889b
Parts of Speech: Noun Feminine

1) depth, the deep, the deep sea

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11 occurrences of H4688 מצלה מצוּלה מצלה מצולה

Exodus 15:5 to the bottom
Nehemiah 9:11 into the deeps,
Job 41:31 He maketh the deep
Psalms 68:22 from the depths
Psalms 69:2 in deep
Psalms 69:15 me, neither let the deep
Psalms 88:6 in the deeps.
Psalms 107:24 in the deep.
Jonah 2:3 me into the deep,
Micah 7:19 into the depths
Zechariah 10:11 and all the deeps

Distinct usage

1 to the bottom
1 He maketh the deep
1 from the depths
1 in deep
1 in the deep.
1 and all the deeps
1 me, neither let the deep
1 in the deeps.
1 into the depths
1 into the deeps,
1 me into the deep,

Corresponding Greek Words

metsolah G1037 buthos
metsolah G2288 thanatos
metsulah G12 abussos
metsulah G899 bathos
metsulah G1037 buthos

Related words


H6683 צוּלה tsûlâh

From an unused root meaning to sink; an abyss (of the sea)

KJV Usage: deep.