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Exodus 15:5 to the bottom H4688
Nehemiah 9:11 into the deeps, H4688
Job 41:31 He maketh the deep H4688
Psalms 68:22 from the depths H4688
Psalms 69:2 in deep H4688
Psalms 69:15 me, neither let the deep H4688
Psalms 88:6 in the deeps. H4688
Psalms 107:24 in the deep. H4688
Jonah 2:3 me into the deep, H4688
Micah 7:19 into the depths H4688
Zechariah 10:11 and all the deeps H4688

Distinct usage

1 to the bottom
1 He maketh the deep
1 from the depths
1 in deep
1 in the deep.
1 me into the deep,
1 and all the deeps
1 me, neither let the deep
1 in the deeps.
1 into the depths
1 into the deeps,