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Exodus 28:4 (IHOT)
  4 H428 ואלה And these H899 הבגדים the garments H834 אשׁר which H6213 יעשׂו they shall make; H2833 חשׁן a breastplate, H646 ואפוד and an ephod, H4598 ומעיל and a robe, H3801 וכתנת coat, H8665 תשׁבץ and an embroidered H4701 מצנפת a miter, H73 ואבנט and a girdle: H6213 ועשׂו and they shall make H899 בגדי garments H6944 קדשׁ holy H175 לאהרן for Aaron H251 אחיך thy brother, H1121 ולבניו and his sons, H3547 לכהנו׃ that he may minister unto me in the priest's office.
Exodus 28:39 (IHOT)
  39 H7660 ושׁבצת And thou shalt embroider H3801 הכתנת the coat H8336 שׁשׁ of fine linen, H6213 ועשׂית and thou shalt make H4701 מצנפת the miter H8336 שׁשׁ fine linen, H73 ואבנט the girdle H6213 תעשׂה and thou shalt make H4639 מעשׂה needlework. H7551 רקם׃ needlework.
Exodus 28:40 (IHOT)
  40 H1121 ולבני sons H175 אהרן And for Aaron's H6213 תעשׂה thou shalt make H3801 כתנת coats, H6213 ועשׂית and thou shalt make H73 להם אבנטים for them girdles, H4021 ומגבעות and bonnets H6213 תעשׂה shalt thou make H3519 להם לכבוד for them, for glory H8597 ולתפארת׃ and for beauty.
Exodus 29:9 (IHOT)
  9 H2296 וחגרת And thou shalt gird H853 אתם   H73 אבנט them with girdles, H175 אהרן Aaron H1121 ובניו and his sons, H2280 וחבשׁת and put H1992 להם   H4021 מגבעת the bonnets H1961 והיתה shall be H1992 להם   H3550 כהנה on them: and the priest's office H2708 לחקת statute: H5769 עולם theirs for a perpetual H4390 ומלאת and thou shalt consecrate H3027 יד and thou shalt consecrate H175 אהרן Aaron H3027 ויד   H1121 בניו׃ and his sons.
Exodus 39:29 (IHOT)
  29 H853 ואת   H73 האבנט And a girdle H8336 שׁשׁ fine twined linen, H7806 משׁזר fine twined linen, H8504 ותכלת and blue, H713 וארגמן and purple, H8438 ותולעת and scarlet, H8144 שׁני and scarlet, H4639 מעשׂה needlework; H7551 רקם needlework; H834 כאשׁר as H6680 צוה commanded H3068 יהוה the LORD H853 את   H4872 משׁה׃ Moses.
Leviticus 8:7 (IHOT)
  7 H5414 ויתן And he put H5921 עליו upon H853 את   H3801 הכתנת him the coat, H2296 ויחגר and girded H853 אתו   H73 באבנט him with the girdle, H3847 וילבשׁ and clothed H853 אתו   H854 את him with H4598 המעיל the robe, H5414 ויתן and put H5921 עליו upon H853 את   H646 האפד the ephod H2296 ויחגר him, and he girded H853 אתו   H2805 בחשׁב him with the curious girdle H646 האפד of the ephod, H640 ויאפד and bound
Leviticus 16:4 (IHOT)
  4 H3801 כתנת coat, H906 בד linen H6944 קדשׁ the holy H3847 ילבשׁ He shall put on H4370 ומכנסי breeches H906 בד the linen H1961 יהיו and he shall have H5921 על upon H1320 בשׂרו his flesh, H73 ובאבנט girdle, H906 בד with a linen H2296 יחגר and shall be girded H4701 ובמצנפת miter H906 בד and with the linen H6801 יצנף shall he be attired: H899 בגדי garments; H6944 קדשׁ holy H1992 הם these H7364 ורחץ therefore shall he wash H4325 במים in water, H853 את   H1320 בשׂרו his flesh H3847 ולבשׁם׃ and put them on.
Isaiah 22:21 (IHOT)
  21 H3847 והלבשׁתיו And I will clothe H3801 כתנתך him with thy robe, H73 ואבנטך him with thy girdle, H2388 אחזקנו and strengthen H4475 וממשׁלתך thy government H5414 אתן and I will commit H3027 בידו into his hand: H1961 והיה and he shall be H1 לאב a father H3427 ליושׁב to the inhabitants H3389 ירושׁלם of Jerusalem, H1004 ולבית and to the house H3063 יהודה׃ of Judah.