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Acts 28:6 (IGNT)
  6 G3588 οι But G1161 δε They G4328 (G5707) προσεδοκων Were Expecting G846 αυτον Him, G3195 (G5721) μελλειν To Be About G4092 (G5745) πιμπρασθαι To Become Inflamed G2228 η Or G2667 (G5721) καταπιπτειν To Fall Down G869 αφνω Suddenly G3498 νεκρον Dead. G1909 επι But For G4183 πολυ   G1161 δε A Long Time G846 αυτων They G4328 (G5723) προσδοκωντων Expecting G2532 και And G2334 (G5723) θεωρουντων Seeing G3367 μηδεν Nothing G824 ατοπον Amiss G1519 εις To G846 αυτον Him G1096 (G5740) γινομενον Happening, G3328 (G5734) μεταβαλλομενοι Changing Their Opinion G3004 (G5707) ελεγον Said G2316 θεον A God G846 αυτον He G1511 (G5750) ειναι Was.