Leviticus 16:3 Cross References - Wycliffe

3 `no but he do these thingis bifore. He schal offer a calf for synne, and a ram in to brent sacrifice;

Leviticus 1:3

3 and of the droue of oxun, he schal offre a male beeste without wem at the dore of the tabernacle of witnessyng, to make the Lord plesid to hym.

Leviticus 1:10

10 That if the offryng is of litle beestis, a brent sacrifice of scheep, ethir of geet, he schal offre a male beeste with out wem,

Leviticus 4:3

3 hath do synne, makynge the puple to trespasse, he schal offre for his synne a calf without wem to the Lord.

Leviticus 8:14

14 He offeride also a calf for synne; and whanne Aaron and hise sones hadden put her hondis on `that calf,

Leviticus 8:18

18 He offride also a ram in to brent sacrifice; and whanne Aaron and hise sones hadden set her hondis on the heed therof,

Leviticus 9:3

3 And thou schalt speke to the sones of Israel, Take ye a buk of geet for synne, and a calf, and a lomb of o yeer and with out wem,

Numbers 29:7-11

7 Also the tenthe dai of this seuenthe monethe schal be hooli and worschipful to you, and ye schulen turmente youre soulis; ye schulen not do ony seruyle werk ther ynne. 8 And ye schulen offre brent sacrifice to the Lord, in to swettiste odour; o calf of the droue, o ram, seuene lambren of o yeer with out wem. 9 And in the sacrifices of tho `ye schulen offre thre tenthe partis of flour spreynt togidere with oyle, bi ech calf, twey tenthe partis bi a ram, 10 the tenthe part of a dyme bi each lomb, that ben togidere seuene lambren. 11 And ye schulen offre a `buc of geet for synne, with out these thingis that ben wont to be offrid for synne in to clensyng, and `ye schulen offre euerlastinge brent sacrifice in sacrifice, and fletinge offryngis of tho.

Hebrews 9:7

7 the bischop entride onys in the yeer, not without blood, which he offride for his ignoraunce and the puplis.

Hebrews 9:12

12 not of this makyng, nether bi blood of goot buckis, or of calues, but bi his owne blood, entride onys in to the hooli thingis, that weren foundun bi an euerlastinge redempcioun.

Hebrews 9:24-25

24 For Jhesus entride not in to hooli thingis maad bi hoondis, that ben saumpleris of very thingis, but in to heuene it silf, that he appere now to the cheer of God for vs; nether that he offre him silf ofte, 25 as the bischop entride in to hooli thingis bi alle yeeris in alien blood,

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