Exodus Cross References - Wycliffe

1 These ben the names of the sones of Israel, that entriden into Egipt with Jacob; alle entriden with her housis; 2 Ruben, Symeon, 3 Leuy, Judas, Isachar, Zabulon, and Benjamin, 4 Dan, and Neptalim, Gad, and Aser. 5 Therfor alle the soules of hem that yeden out of `the hipe of Jacob weren seuenti and fyue. 6 Forsothe Joseph was in Egipt; and whanne he was deed, and alle hise brithren, and al his kynrede, 7 the sones of Israel encreessiden, and weren multiplied as buriounnyng, and thei weren maad strong greetli, and filliden the lond. 8 A newe kyng, that knewe not Joseph, roos in the meene tyme on Egipt, and seide to his puple, Lo! 9 the puple of the sones of Israel is myche, and strongere than we; 10 come ye, wiseli oppresse we it, lest perauenture it be multiplied; and lest, if batel risith ayens vs, it be addid to oure enemyes, and go out of the lond, whanne we ben ouercomun. 11 And so he made maistris of werkis souereyns to hem, that thei schulden turmente hem with chargis. And thei maden citees of tabernaclis to Farao, Fiton, and Ramesses. 12 And bi hou myche thei oppressiden hem, bi so myche thei weren multiplied, and encreessiden more. 13 And Egipcians hatiden the sones of Israel, and turmentiden, and scorneden hem; 14 and brouyten her lijf to bitternesse bi hard werkis of cley and to tijl stoon, and bi al seruage, bi which thei weren oppressid in the werkis of erthe. 15 Forsothe the kyng of Egipt seide to the mydwyues of Ebrews, of whiche oon was clepid Sefora, the tother Fua; 16 and he commaundide to hem, Whanne ye schulen do the office of medewyues to Ebrew wymmen, and the tyme of childberyng schal come, if it is a knaue child, sle ye him; if it is a womman, kepe ye. 17 Forsothe the medewyues dredden God, and diden not bi the comaundement of the kyng of Egipt, but kepten knaue children. 18 To whiche clepid to hym the kyng seide, What is this thing which ye wolden do, that ye wolden kepe the children? 19 Whiche answeriden, Ebrew wymmen ben not as the wymmen of Egipt, for thei han kunnyng of the craft of medewijf, and childen bifore that we comen to hem. 20 Therfor God dide wel to medewyues; and the puple encreesside, and was coumfortid greetli. 21 And for the mydewyues dredden God, he bildide `housis to hem. 22 Therfor Farao comaundide al his puple, and seide, What euer thing of male kynde is borun to Ebrewis, `caste ye into the flood; what euer thing of wymmen kynde, kepe ye.

Genesis 1:20

20 Also God seide, The watris brynge forth a `crepynge beeste of lyuynge soule, and a brid fleynge aboue erthe vndur the firmament of heuene.

Genesis 1:28

28 And God blesside hem, and seide, Encreesse ye, and be ye multiplied, and fille ye the erthe, and make ye it suget, and be ye lordis to fischis of the see, and to volatilis of heuene, and to alle lyuynge beestis that ben moued on erthe.

Genesis 9:1

1 And God blisside Noe and hise sones, and seide to hem, Encreesse ye, and be ye multiplied, and fille ye the erthe;

Genesis 12:2

2 and Y schal make thee in to a greet folk, and Y schal blisse thee, and Y schal magnyfie thi name, and thou schalt be blessid;

Genesis 13:16

16 And Y schal make thi seed as the dust of erthe; if ony man may noumbre the dust of erthe, also he schal mowe noumbre thi seed.

Genesis 15:5

5 And the Lord ledde out Abram, and seide to hym, Biholde thou heuene, and noumbre thou sterris, if thou maist. And the Lord seide to Abram, So thi seed schal be.

Genesis 15:13

13 And it was seid to hym, Wite thou bifore knowinge, that thi seed schal be pilgrim foure hundrid yeer in a lond not his owne, and thei schulen make hem suget to seruage, and thei schulen turment hem;

Genesis 17:4-6

4 And God seide to hym, Y am, and my couenaunt of pees is with thee, and thou schalt be the fadir of many folkis; 5 and thi name schal no more be clepid Abram, but thou schalt be clepid Abraham, for Y haue maad thee fadir of many folkis; 6 and Y schal make thee to wexe ful greetli, and Y schal sette thee in folkis, and kyngis schulen go out of thee;

Genesis 17:16

16 and Y schal blesse hir, and of hir I schal yyue to thee a sone, whom I schal blesse, and he schal be in to naciouns, and kyngis of puplis schulen be borun of hym.

Genesis 20:11

11 Abraham answerde, Y thouyte with me, and seide, in hap the drede of God is not in this place; and thei schulen sle me for my wijf;

Genesis 22:17

17 Y schal blesse thee, and Y schal multiplie thi seed as the sterris of heuene, and as grauel which is in the brynk of the see; thi seed schal gete the yatis of hise enemyes;

Genesis 26:4

4 And Y schal multiplie thi seed as the sterris of heuene, and Y schal yyue alle these thingis to thin eyris, and alle folkis of erthe schulen be blessid in thi seed, for Abraham obeide to my vois,

Genesis 28:3-4

3 Sotheli Almyyti God blesse thee, and make thee to encreesse, and multiplie thee, that thou be in to cumpanyes of puplis; 4 and God yyue to thee the blessyngis of Abraham, and to thi seed aftir thee, that thou welde the lond of thi pilgrymage, which he bihiyte to thi grauntsir.

Genesis 28:14

14 And thi seed schal be as the dust of erthe, thou schalt be alargid to the eest, and west, and north, and south; and alle lynagis of erthe schulen be blessid in thee and in thi seed.

Genesis 29:31-30:21

31 Forsothe the Lord seiy that he dispiside Lya, and openyde hir wombe while the sistir dwellide bareyn.

Genesis 35:11

11 Y am God Almyyti, encreesse thou, and be thou multiplied, folkis and puplis of naciouns schulen be of thee, kyngis schulen go out of thi leendis;

Genesis 35:18

18 Forsothe while the soule yede out for sorew, and deeth neiyede thanne, she clepide the name of hir sone Bennony, that is, the sone of my sorewe; forsothe the fadir clepide hym Beniamyn, that is the sone of the riyt side.

Genesis 35:22

22 And while he dwellide in that cuntrei, Ruben yede, and slepte with Bala, the secundarie wijf of his fadir, which thing was not hid fro hym. Forsothe the sones of Jacob weren twelue; 23 the sones of Lia weren, the firste gendrid Ruben, and Symeon, and Leuy, and Judas, and Isachar, and Zabulon;

Genesis 35:23

23 the sones of Lia weren, the firste gendrid Ruben, and Symeon, and Leuy, and Judas, and Isachar, and Zabulon; 24 the sones of Rachel weren, Joseph and Beniamyn; 25 the sones of Bala, handmayde of Rachel, weren Dan, and Neptalym; 26 the sones of Zelfa, handmayde of Lya, weren Gad, and Aser. These weren the sones of Jacob, that weren borun to hym in Mesopotanye of Sirie.

Genesis 41:1

1 Aftir twei yeer Farao seiy a dreem; he gesside that he stood on a flood,

Genesis 42:18

18 whanne thei weren led out of prisoun, he seide, Do ye that that Y seide, and ye schulen lyue, for Y drede God;

Genesis 46:3

3 God seide to hym, Y am the strongeste God of thi fadir; nyle thou drede, go doun in to Egipt, for Y schal make thee there in to a greet folk;

Genesis 46:8-26

8 Forsothe thes ben the names of the sones of Israel, that entriden in to Egipte; he with hise fre children. The firste gendrid Ruben; 9 the sones of Ruben, Enoch, and Fallu, and Esrom, and Carmi. 10 The sones of Symeon, Jemuhel, and Jamyn, and Ahoth, and Jachyn, and Sab, and Saber, and Saul, the sone of a womman of Canaan. 11 The sones of Leuy, Gerson, Caath, and Merarie. 12 The sones of Juda, Her and Onam, and Sela, and Fares, and Zara. Forsothe Her and Onam dieden in the lond of Canaan; and the sones of Fares weren borun, Esrom, and Amul. 13 The sones of Isacar, Thola, and Fua, and Jobab, and Semron. 14 The sones of Zabulon, Sared, and Thelom, and Jahel. 15 These ben the sones of Lia, whiche sche childide in Mesopotanye of Sirie, with Dyna, hir douyter; alle the soules of hise sones and douytris, thre and thretti. 16 The sones of Gad, Sefion, and Aggi, Suny, and Hesebon, Heri, and Arodi, and Areli. 17 The sones of Aser, Jamne, and Jesua, and Jesui, and Beria; and Sara, the sister of hem. The sones of Beria, Heber and Melchiel. 18 These weren the sones of Zelfa, whom Laban yaf to Lia, his douyter, and Jacob gendryde these sixtene persones. 19 The sones of Rachel, `wijf of Jacob, weren Joseph and Beniamyn. 20 And sones weren borun to Joseph in the loond of Egipt, Manasses and Effraym, whiche Asenech, `douytir of Putifar, preest of Helipoleos, childide to hym. 21 The sones of Beniamin weren Bela, and Becor, and Asbel, Gera, and Naaman, and Jechi, `Ros, and Mofym, and Ofym, and Ared. 22 These weren the sones of Rachel, whiche Jacob gendride; alle the persones weren fouretene. 23 The sone of Dan, Vsym. 24 The sones of Neptalym, Jasiel, and Guny, and Jeser, and Salem. 25 These weren `the sones of Bala, whom Laban yaf to Rachel his douytir. 26 And Jacob gendride these; alle the soules weren seuene. And alle the men that entriden with Jacob in to Egipt, and yeden out of his thiy, with out `the wyues of his sones, weren sixti and sixe.

Genesis 46:26-27

26 And Jacob gendride these; alle the soules weren seuene. And alle the men that entriden with Jacob in to Egipt, and yeden out of his thiy, with out `the wyues of his sones, weren sixti and sixe. 27 Forsothe the sones of Joseph, that weren borun to hym in `the loond of Egipt, weren two men. Alle the soulis of `the hows of Jacob, that entriden in to Egipt, weren seuenti.

Genesis 47:11

11 Forsothe Joseph yaf to hise fadir and britheren possessioun in Egipt, in Ramasses, the beste soile of erthe, as Farao comaundide;

Genesis 47:27

27 Therfor Israel dwellide in Egipt, that is, in the lond of Jessen, and weldide it; and he was encreessid and multiplied ful mych.

Genesis 48:4

4 and seide, Y schal encreesse and multiplie thee, and Y schal make thee in to cumpanyes of puplis, and Y schal yyue to thee this lond, and to thi seed aftir thee, in to euerlastinge possessioun.

Genesis 48:16

16 the aungel that delyuerede me fro alle yuelis, blesse thes children, and my name be clepid on hem, and the names of my fadris Abraham and Ysaac; and wexe thei in multitude on erthe.

Genesis 49:3-27

3 Ruben, my firste gendrid sone, thou art my strengthe and the bigynnyng of my sorewe; thou ouytist to be the former in yiftis, the more in lordschip; 4 thou art sched out as watir; wexe thou not, for thou stiedist on the bed of thi fader, and defoulidist his bed. 5 Symeon and Leuy, britheren, fiytynge vessils of wickidnesse; 6 my soule come not in to the councel of hem, and my glorie be not in the congregacioun of hem; for in her woodnesse thei killiden a man, and in her wille thei myneden the wal; 7 curside be the woodnesse of hem, for it is obstynat, and the indignacioun of hem for it is hard; Y schal departe hem in Jacob, and I schal scatere hem in Israel. 8 Judas, thi britheren schulen preise thee, thin hondis schulen be in the nollis of thin enemyes; the sones of thi fadir schulen worschipe thee. 9 `A whelp of lioun `is Judas; my sone thou stiedist to prey; thou restidist, and hast leyn as a lioun, and as a lionesse who schal reise hym? 10 The septre schal not be takun awey fro Juda, and a duyk of his hipe, til he come that schal be sent, and he schal be abiding of hethene men; 11 and he schal tye his colt at the vyner, and his femal asse at the vyne; A! my sone, he schal waische his stoole in wyn, and his mentil in the blood of grape; 12 hise iyen ben fairere than wyn, and hise teeth ben whittere than mylk. 13 Zabulon schal dwelle in the brenk of the see, and in the stondyng of schipis; and schal stretche til to Sydon. 14 Isachar, a strong asse, 15 liggynge bitwixe termes, seiy reste, that it was good and seiy the lond that it was best, and he vndirsettide his schuldre to bere, and he was maad seruynge to tributis. 16 Dan schal deme his puple, as also another lynage in Israel. 17 Dan be maad a serpent in the weie, and cerastes in the path, and bite the feet of an hors, that the `stiere therof falle bacward; Lord, 18 Y schal abide thin helthe. 19 Gad schal be gird, and schal fiyte bifor hym, and he schal be gird bihynde. 20 Aser his breed schal be plenteuouse, and he schal yyue delicis to kyngis. 21 Neptalym schal be an hert sent out, and yyuynge spechis of fairenesse. 22 Joseph, a sone encreessynge, `a sone encresinge, and fair in biholdyng; douytris runnen aboute on the wal, 23 but hise brithren wraththeden hym, and chidden, and thei hadden dartis, and hadden enuye to hym. 24 His bowe sat in the stronge, and the boondis of his armes, and hondis weren vnboundun bi the hond of the myyti of Jacob; of hym a scheepherd yede out, the stoon of Israel. 25 God of thi fadir schal be thin helpere, and Almyyti God schal blesse thee with blessyngis of heuene fro aboue, and with blessyngis of the see liggynge binethe, with blessyngis of tetis, and of wombe; 26 the blessyngis of thi fadir ben coumfortid, the blessyngis of his fadris, til the desire of euerlastynge hillis cam; blessyngis ben maad in the heed of Joseph, and in the nol of Nazarei among his britheren. 27 Beniamyn, a rauyschynge wolf, schal ete prey eerly, and in the euentid he schal departe spuylis.

Genesis 50:24

24 And whanne he hadde chargid hem, and hadde seid, God schal visite you, bere ye out with you my boonus fro this place,

Exodus 1:7

7 the sones of Israel encreessiden, and weren multiplied as buriounnyng, and thei weren maad strong greetli, and filliden the lond.

Exodus 1:9

9 the puple of the sones of Israel is myche, and strongere than we;

Exodus 1:12

12 And bi hou myche thei oppressiden hem, bi so myche thei weren multiplied, and encreessiden more. 13 And Egipcians hatiden the sones of Israel, and turmentiden, and scorneden hem;

Exodus 1:16

16 and he commaundide to hem, Whanne ye schulen do the office of medewyues to Ebrew wymmen, and the tyme of childberyng schal come, if it is a knaue child, sle ye him; if it is a womman, kepe ye.

Exodus 1:20

20 Therfor God dide wel to medewyues; and the puple encreesside, and was coumfortid greetli. 21 And for the mydewyues dredden God, he bildide `housis to hem. 22 Therfor Farao comaundide al his puple, and seide, What euer thing of male kynde is borun to Ebrewis, `caste ye into the flood; what euer thing of wymmen kynde, kepe ye.

Exodus 2:11

11 In tho daies, aftir that Moises encreesside, he yede out to hise britheren, and seiy the turment of hem, and a man Egipcian smytynge `oon of Ebrews, hise britheren.

Exodus 2:23

23 Forsothe aftir myche tyme the kyng of Egipt diede, and the sones of Israel inwardli weiliden for werkis, and crieden, and the cry of hem for werkis stiede to God.

Exodus 3:7

7 To whom the Lord seide, Y seiy the affliccion of my puple in Egipt, and Y herde the cry therof, for the hardnesse of hem that ben souereyns of werkis.

Exodus 5:4-6

4 The kyng of Egipt seide to hem, Moises and Aaron, whi stiren ye the puple fro her werkis? Go ye to youre chargis. 5 And Farao seide, The puple of the loond is myche; ye seen that the cumpany hath encreessid; hou myche more schal it encreesse, if ye schulen yyue to hem reste fro werkis. 6 Therfor Farao comaundide in that dai to the maistris of werkis, and to rente gadereris of the puple, 7 and seide, Ye schulen no more yyue stre to the puple, to make tijl stoonys as bifore; but go thei, and gedere stobil; 8 and ye schulen sette on hem the mesure of tijl stoonys, which thei maden bifore, nether ye schulen abate ony thing; for thei ben idil, and therfor thei crien, and seien, Go we, and make we sacrifice to oure God; 9 be thei oppressid bi werkis, and fille thei tho, that thei assente not to the false wordis. 10 Therfor the maistris of the workis and the rente gadereris yeden out to the puple, and seiden, Thus seith Farao, Y yyue not to you stre; 11 go ye, and gadere, if ye moun fynde ony where; nether ony thing schal be decreessid of youre werk. 12 And the puple was scaterid bi al the lond of Egipt to gadre stre. 13 And the maystris of werkis weren bisi, and seiden, Fille ye youre werk ech dai, as ye weren wont to do, whanne the stre was youun to you. 14 And thei, that weren maistris of the werkis of the sones of Israel, weren betun of the rent gadereris of Farao, that seiden, Whi filliden ye not the mesure of tijl stoonus, as bifore, nether yistirdai nethir to dai? 15 And the souereyns of the sonys of Israel camen, and crieden to Farao, and seiden, Whi doist thou so ayens thi seruauntis?

Exodus 5:15-21

15 And the souereyns of the sonys of Israel camen, and crieden to Farao, and seiden, Whi doist thou so ayens thi seruauntis? 16 Stre is not youun to vs, and tijl stoonus ben comaundid in lijk manere. Lo! we thi seruauntis ben betun with scourgis, and it is doon vniustli ayens thi puple. 17 Farao seide, Ye yyuen tent to idilnesse, and therfor ye seien, Go we, and make we sacrifice to the Lord; 18 therfor go ye, and worche; stre schal not be youun to you, and ye schulen yelde the customable noumbre of tijl stoonus. 19 And the souereyns of the children of Israel sien hem silf in yuel, for it was seid to hem, No thing schal be decreessid of tijl stoonus bi alle daies. 20 And thei `camen to Moises and Aaron, that stoden euene ayens, and thei `yeden out fro Farao, 21 and seiden to `Moises and Aaron, The Lord se, and deme, for ye han maad oure odour to stynke bifore Farao and hise seruauntis; and ye han youe to hym a swerd, that he schulde sle vs.

Exodus 6:6-7

6 Therfor seie thou to the sones of Israel, Y am the Lord, that schal lede out you of the prisoun of Egipcians; and Y schal delyuere fro seruage; and Y schal ayen bie in `an hiy arm, and in grete domes; 7 and Y schal take you to me in to a puple, and Y schal be youre God; and ye schulen wite, for Y am youre Lord God, `which haue led you out of the prisoun of Egipcians,

Exodus 6:9

9 Therfor Moises telde alle thingis to the sones of Irael, whiche assentide not to hym for the angwisch of spirit, and for the hardest werk.

Exodus 6:14-16

14 These ben the princis of housis bi her meynees. The sones of Ruben, the firste gendrid of Israel, Enoch, and Fallu, Esrom, and Charmy; these ben the kynredis of Ruben. 15 The sones of Symeon, Jamuel, and Jamyn, and Aod, and Jachym, and Soer, and Saul, the sone of a womman of Canaan; these ben the kynretis of Symeon. 16 And these ben the names of the sones of Leuy by her kynredis, Gerson, and Caath, and Merary. Forsothe the yeeris of lijf of Leuy weren an hundrid and seuene and thretti.

Exodus 7:19-21

19 Also the Lord seide to Moises, Seie thou to Aaron, Take thi yerde, and holde forth thin hond on the watris of Egipt, and on the flodis of hem, and on the stremys `of hem, and on the mareis, and alle lakis of watris, that tho be turned in to blood; and blood be in al the lond of Egipt, as wel in vessils of tree as of stoon. 20 And Moises and Aaron diden so, as the Lord comaundide; and Aaron reiside the yerde, and smoot the watir of the flood bifore Farao and hise seruauntis, which watir was turned in to blood; 21 and fischis, that weren in the flood, dieden; and the flood was rotun, and Egipcians myyten not drynke the water of the flood; and blood was in al the lond of Egipt.

Exodus 12:37

37 And the sones of Israel yeden forth fro Ramasses in to Socoth, almest sixe hundrid thousind of foot men, with out litle children and wymmen;

Exodus 20:2

2 that ladde thee out of the lond of Egipt, fro the hous of seruage.

Exodus 28:20

20 in the fourthe ordre schal be crisolitus, onochyn, and berille; tho schulen be closid in gold, bi her ordris,

Leviticus 25:43

43 turmente thou not hem bi thi power, but drede thou thi Lord.

Leviticus 25:46

46 and bi riyt of eritage ye schulen `sende ouer to aftir comeris, and ye schulen welde with outen ende; sothely oppresse ye not bi power youre britheren, the sones of Israel.

Leviticus 25:53

53 and he schal yeelde to the biere that that is residue of yeeris, while tho yeeris, bi whiche he seruyde bifore, ben rikenyd for hiris; he schal not turmente `that Ebreu violentli in thi siyt.

Numbers 20:15

15 hou oure fadris yeden doun in to Egipt, and we dwelliden there myche tyme, and Egipcians turmentiden vs and oure fadris; and hou we crieden to the Lord,

Numbers 22:4-5

4 And he seide to the grettere men in birthe of Madian, So this puple schal do a wei alle men that dwellen in oure coostis, as an oxe is wont to do awei an eerbe `til to the rootis. Forsothe he, `that is, Balaac, was kyng in that tyme in Moab. 5 Therfor he sente messangeris to Balaam, the sone of Beor, a fals diuynour, that dwellide on the flood of the lond of the sones of Amon, that thei schulden clepe hym, and schulden seie, Lo! a puple yede out of Egipt, `which puple hilide the face of erthe, and sittith ayens me. 6 Therfor come thou, and curse this puple, which is strongere than Y, if in ony maner Y may smyte and dryue hym out of my lond; for Y knowe, that he is blissid whom thou blissist, and he is cursid whom thou hast cursid.

Deuteronomy 4:20

20 Forsothe the Lord took you, and ledde out of the yrun furneys of Egipt, that he schulde haue a puple of eritage, as it is in `present dai.

Deuteronomy 10:22

22 In seuenti men thi fadris yeden doun in to Egipt, and lo! now thi Lord God hath multiplied thee as the sterris of heuene.

Deuteronomy 26:5

5 And thou schalt speke in the siyt of thi Lord God, Sirus pursuede my fadir, `which fadir yede doun in to Egipt, and was a pilgrym there in feweste noumbre; and he encreesside in to a greet folk, and strong, and of multitude without noumbre. 6 And Egipcians turmentiden vs, and pursueden, and puttiden greuouseste birthuns.

Joshua 2:4-24

4 And the womman took the men, and hidde hem, and seide, Y knowleche, thei camen to me, but Y wiste not of whenus thei weren; 5 and whanne the yate was closid in derknessis, and thei yeden out to gidire, Y noot whidur thei yeden; pursue ye soone, and ye schulen take hem. 6 Forsothe sche made the men to stie in to the soler of hir hows, and hilide hem with stobil of flex, that was there. 7 Sotheli thei, that weren sent, sueden hem bi the weie that ledith to the fordis of Jordan; and whanne thei weren goon out, anoon the yate was closid. 8 Thei that weren hid, slepten not yit, and lo! the womman stiede to hem, and seide, 9 Y knowe that the Lord hath bitake to you this lond; for youre feerdfulnesse felde in to vs, and alle the dwelleris of the lond `weren sike. 10 We herden, that the Lord driede the watris of the Reed See at youre entryng, whanne ye yeden out of Egipt; and what thingis ye diden to twei kyngis of Ammorreis, that weren biyende Jordan, to Seon and Og, whiche ye killiden; 11 and we herden these thingis, and we dredden, and oure herte `was sike, and spirit dwellide not in vs at youre entryng; for youre Lord God hym silf is God in heuene aboue, and in erthe bynethe. 12 Now therfor swere ye to me bi the Lord God, that as Y dide merci with you, so and ye do with the hows of my fadir; and yyue ye to me a veri signe, 13 that ye saue my fadir and modir, and my britheren and sistris, and alle thingis that ben herne, and dilyuere oure lyues fro deeth. 14 Whiche answeriden to hir, Oure lijf be for you in to deeth, if netheles thou bitraiest not vs; and whanne the Lord hath bitake to vs the lond, we schulen do mercy and treuthe in thee. 15 Therfor sche let hem doun fro the wyndow bi a corde; for hir hows cleuyde to the wal. 16 And sche seide to hem, Stie ye to the hilli places, lest perauenture men turnynge ayen meete you; and be ye hidde there three daies, til thei comen ayen; and so ye schulen go bi youre weie. 17 Whiche seiden to hir, We schulen be giltles of this ooth, bi which thou hast chargid vs, 18 if, whanne we entren in to the lond, this reed corde is not a signe, and thou byndist it not in the wyndow, bi which thou lettist vs doun; and thou gaderist not in to thi hows thi fadir and modir, and britheren, and al thi kynrede; the blood of hym schal be on his heed, 19 that goith out at the dore of thin hows, and we schulen be alien, that is, giltles; forsothe the blood of alle men that ben in the hows with thee, schal turne in to oure heed, if ony man touchith hem. 20 `That if thou wolt betraie vs, and brynge forth in to the myddis this word, we schulen be cleene of this ooth, bi which thou hast chargid vs. 21 And sche answeride, As ye han spoke, so be it doon. And sche lefte hem, that thei schulden go, and sche hangide a reed corde in her wyndow. 22 Sotheli thei yeden, and camen to the hilli places, and dwelliden there three daies, til thei turneden ayen that pursueden; for thei souyten bi ech weie, and founden not hem. 23 And whanne the sekeris entriden in to the citee, the spieris turneden ayen, and camen doun fro the hille; and whanne thei hadde passid Jordan, thei camen to Josue, the sone of Nun; 24 and thei telden to hym alle thingis that bifelden to hem, and seiden, The Lord hath bitake al the lond in to oure hondis, and alle the dwelleris thereof ben casten doun bi drede.

Judges 8:30

30 and he hadde seuenti sones, that yeden out of his thiy, for he hadde many wyues.

Ruth 1:20

20 To whiche sche seide, Clepe ye not me Noemy, that is, fair, but `clepe ye me Mara, that is, bittere; for Almyyti God hath fillid me greetli with bitternesse.

1 Samuel 2:35

35 And Y schal reise to me a feithful preest, that schal do bi myn herte and my soule; and Y schal bilde to hym a feithful hows, and he schal go bifore my Crist in alle daies.

1 Samuel 21:2

2 And Dauid seide to Achymelech preest, The kyng comaundide to me a word, and seide, No man wite the thing, for which thou art sent fro me, and what maner comaundementis Y yaf to thee; for Y seide also to children, that thei schulden go in to that `and that place;

1 Samuel 25:28

28 Do thou awey the wickidnesse of thi seruauntesse; for the Lord makynge schal make a feithful hows to thee, my lord, for thou, my lord, fiytist the batels of the Lord; therfor malice be not foundun in thee in alle dais of thi lijf.

2 Samuel 7:11-13

11 fro the dai in which Y ordenede iugis on my puple Israel; and Y schal yyue reste to thee fro alle thin enemyes. And the Lord biforseith to thee, that `the Lord schal mak an hows to thee; 12 and whanne thi daies be fillid, and thou hast slept with thi fadris, Y schal reyse thi seed aftir thee, which schal go out of thi wombe, and Y schal make `stidfast his rewme. 13 He schal bilde an hows to my name, and Y schal make stable the troone of his rewme til in to with outen ende;

2 Samuel 7:27-29

27 for thou, Lord of oostis, God of Israel, hast maad reuelacioun to the eere of thi seruaunt, and seidist, Y schal bilde an hows to thee; therfor thi seruaunt foond his herte, that he schulde preie thee bi this preier. 28 Now therfor, Lord God, thou art veri God, and thi wordis schulen be trewe; for thou hast spoke these goodis to thi seruaunt; 29 therfor bigynne thou, and blesse the hows of thi seruaunt, that it be withouten ende bifor thee; for thou, Lord God, hast spoke these thingis, and bi thi blessyng the hows of thi seruaunt schal be blessid withouten ende.

2 Samuel 13:28

28 Sotheli Absolon comaundide to hise children, and seide, Aspie ye, whanne Amon is drunkun of wyn, and Y seie to you, Smyte ye, and sle hym. Nyle ye drede, for Y am that comaunde to you; be ye strengthid, and be ye stronge men.

2 Samuel 17:19-20

19 Forsothe a womman took, and spred abrood an hilyng of the mouth of the pit as driynge `barli with the pile takun a wey, and so the thing was hid. 20 And whanne the seruauntis of Absolon hadde come in to the hows, thei seiden to the womman, Where is Achymaas and Jonathas? And the womman answeride to hem, Thei passiden hastily, whanne `watir was tastid a litil. And whanne thei that souyten hem hadden not founde, thei turneden ayen in to Jerusalem.

1 Kings 2:24

24 And now the Lord lyueth, that confermede me, and hath set me on the trone of my fadir, and that hath maad to me an hows, as he spak, for Adonye schal be slayn to dai.

1 Kings 9:19

19 and he made strong alle the townes, that perteyneden to hym, and weren with out wal, and the citees of chaaris, and the citees of knyytis, and what euer thing pleside hym to bilde in Jerusalem, and in the Liban, and in al the lond of his power.

1 Kings 11:38

38 Therfor if thou schalt here alle thingis whiche Y schal comaunde to thee, and if thou schalt go in my weies, and if thou schalt do that, that is riytful bifore me, and if thou schalt kepe my comaundementis, and myn heestis, as Dauid, my seruaunt, dide, Y schal be with thee, and Y schal bilde a feithful hows to thee, as Y bildide an hows to Dauid, and Y schal yyue Israel to thee;

1 Chronicles 2:1-2

1 Forsothe the sones of Israel weren Ruben, Symeon, Leuy, Juda, Isachar, and Zabulon, 2 Dan, Joseph, Beniamyn, Neptalym, Gad, Aser.

1 Chronicles 12:23-40

23 Also this is the noumbre of princes of the oost that camen to Dauid, whanne he was in Ebron, that thei schulden translate the rewme of Saul to hym, bi the word of the Lord; the sones of Juda, 24 berynge scheeld and spere, sixe thousynde and eiyte hundrid, redi to batel; 25 of the sones of Simeon, seuene thousinde and an hundrid, of strongeste men to fiyte; 26 of the sones of Leuy, foure thousynde and sixe hundrid; 27 also Joiada, prince of the generacioun of Aaron, and thre thousynd and seuene hundrid with hym; 28 also Sadoch, a child of noble wit, and the hows of his fadir, twei and twenti princes; 29 forsothe of the sones of Beniamyn, britheren of Saul, thre thousynde; for a greet part of hem suede yit the hows of Saul; 30 forsothe of the sones of Effraym, twenti thousynde and eiyte hundrid, strongeste men in bodili myyt, men named in her meynees; 31 and of the half part of the lynage of Manasses, eiytene thousynde; alle camen bi her names, to make Dauid kyng; 32 also of the sones of Ysacar, two hundrid princes, lernd men, that knewen ech tyme to comaunde what the puple of Israel ouyt to do; sotheli al the residue lynage suede the counseils of hem; 33 forsothe of Zabulon camen fifti thousynde in to helpe, not in double herte, which yeden out to batel, and stoden in the scheltrun, and weren maad redi with armuris of batel; 34 and of Neptalym a thousynde prynces, and with hem camen seuene and thritti thousynde men, arayed with scheeld and speere; 35 also of Dan, eiyte and twenti thousynde and sixe hundrid men, maad redi to batel; 36 and of Aser fourti thousynde men, goynge out to batel, and stirynge to batel in the scheltrun. 37 Forsothe biyende Jordan, of the sones of Ruben, and of Gad, and of the half part of the lynage of Manasses, sixe scoore thousynde men, araied with armuris of batel. 38 Alle these men werriouris and redi to batel camen with perfit herte in to Ebron, to make Dauid kyng on al Israel; but also alle the residue of Israel weren of oon herte, that Dauid schulde be maad king on al Israel. 39 And thei weren ther at Dauid thre daies, and eten and drunken; for her britheren hadden maad redi to hem; 40 but also thei that weren niy hem, til to Isacar and Zabulon and Neptalym, brouyten looues on assis, and camelis, and mulis, and oxis, for to ete; mele, bundelis of pressid figis, dried grapis, wyn, oile, oxis and wetheres, to al plentee; for ioy was in Israel.

1 Chronicles 27:16-22

16 Forsothe these weren souereyns of the lynages of Israel; duyk Eliezer, sone of Zechri, was souereyn to Rubenytis; duyk Saphacie, sone of Maacha, was souereyn to Symeonytis; 17 Asabie, the sone of Chamuel, was souereyn to Leuytis; Sadoch `was souereyn to Aaronytis; 18 Elyu, the brothir of Dauid, `was souereyn to the lynage of Juda; Amry, the sone of Mychael, `was souereyn to Isacharitis; 19 Jesmaye, the sone of Abdie, was souereyn to Zabulonytis; Jerymuth, the sone of Oziel, `was souereyn to Neptalitis; 20 Ozee, the sone of Ozazym, `was souereyn to the sones of Effraym; Johel, the sone of Phatae, was souereyn to the half lynage of Manasses; 21 and Jaddo, the sone of Zacarie, `was souereyn to the half lynage of Manasses in Galaad; sotheli Jasihel, the sone of Abner, `was souereyn to Beniamyn; forsothe Ezriel, 22 the sone of Jeroam, was souereyn to Dan; these weren the princes of the sones of Israel.

2 Chronicles 8:4

4 And he bildide Palmyram in deseert, and he bildide othere `citees maad ful stronge in Emath.

Nehemiah 5:15

15 But the firste duykis, that weren bifor me, greuyden the puple, and token of hem in breed, and in wiyn, and in monei, ech dai fourti siclis; but also her mynistris oppressiden the puple. Forsothe Y dide not so, for the drede of God;

Nehemiah 9:23

23 And thou multipliedist the sones of hem, as the sterris of heuene; and thou brouytist hem to the lond, of which thou seidist to her fadris, that thei schulden entre, and holde it in possessioun.

Job 5:2

2 Wrathfulnesse sleeth `a fonned man, and enuye sleeth a litil child.

Job 5:13

13 Which takith cautelouse men in the felnesse `of hem, and distrieth the counsel of schrewis.

Psalms 10:2

2 I triste in the Lord; hou seien ye to my soule, Passe thou ouere in to an hil, as a sparowe doith?

Psalms 37:3

3 For thin arowis ben fitchid in me; and thou hast confermed thin hond on me.

Psalms 41:1-2

1 The title of the oon and fourtithe salm. To victorie, to the sones of Chore. 2 As an hert desirith to the wellis of watris; so thou, God, my soule desirith to thee.

Psalms 61:5

5 Netheles thei thouyten to putte awei my prijs, Y ran in thirst; with her mouth thei blessiden, and in her herte thei cursiden.

Psalms 68:13

13 Thei, that saten in the yate, spaken ayens me; and thei, that drunken wien, sungen of me.

Psalms 81:6

6 I seide, Ye ben goddis; and alle ye ben the sones of hiy God.

Psalms 83:3-4

3 my soule coueitith, and failith in to the porchis of the Lord. Myn herte and my fleische; ful out ioyeden in to quyk God. 4 For whi a sparewe fyndith an hous to it silf; and a turtle fyndith a neste to it silf, where it `schal kepe hise bryddis. Lord of vertues, thin auteris; my king, and my God.

Psalms 85:9

9 Lord, alle folkis, whiche euere thou madist, schulen come, and worschipe bifore thee; and thei schulen glorifie thi name.

Psalms 103:11

11 Alle the beestis of the feeld schulen drynke; wielde assis schulen abide in her thirst.

Psalms 105:13

13 Thei hadden `soone do, thei foryaten hise werkis; and thei abididen not his councel.

Psalms 105:24

24 And thei hadden the desirable lond for nouyt, thei bileueden not to his word, and thei grutchiden in her tabernaclis;

Psalms 105:24-25

24 And thei hadden the desirable lond for nouyt, thei bileueden not to his word, and thei grutchiden in her tabernaclis; 25 thei herden not the vois of the Lord.

Psalms 105:25

25 thei herden not the vois of the Lord.

Psalms 111:5

5 The man is merye, that doith merci, and leeneth; he disposith hise wordis in dom;

Psalms 127:1

1 The title of the hundrid and seuene and twentithe salm. The song of greces. Blessid ben alle men, that dreden the Lord; that gon in hise weies.

Psalms 127:3

3 Thi wijf as a plenteous vyne; in the sidis of thin hous. Thi sones as the newe sprenges of olyue trees; in the cumpas of thi bord.

Proverbs 1:11

11 If thei seien, Come thou with vs, sette we aspies to blood, hide we snaris of disseitis ayens an innocent without cause;

Proverbs 1:16

16 For the feet of hem rennen to yuel; and thei hasten to schede out blood.

Proverbs 4:16

16 For thei slepen not, `no but thei han do yuele; and sleep is rauyschid fro hem, no but thei han disseyued.

Proverbs 8:13

13 The drede of the Lord hatith yuel; Y curse boost, and pride, and a schrewid weie, and a double tungid mouth.

Proverbs 11:18

18 A wickid man makith vnstable werk; but feithful mede is to hym, that sowith riytfulnesse.

Proverbs 14:28

28 The dignite of the king is in the multitude of puple; and the schenschipe of a prince is in the fewnesse of puple.

Proverbs 16:6

6 Wickidnesse is ayen bouyt bi merci and treuthe; and me bowith awei fro yuel bi the drede of the Lord.

Proverbs 16:25

25 A weye is that semeth riytful to a man; and the laste thingis therof leden to deth.

Proverbs 19:17

17 He that hath mercy on a pore man, leeneth to the Lord; and he schal yelde his while to hym.

Proverbs 21:30

30 No wisdom is, no prudence is, no counsel is ayens the Lord.

Proverbs 24:3

3 An hous schal be bildid bi wisdom, and schal be maad strong bi prudence.

Proverbs 24:11-12

11 Delyuere thou hem, that ben led to deth; and ceesse thou not to delyuere hem, that ben drawun to deth. 12 If thou seist, Strengthis suffisen not; he that is biholdere of the herte, vndirstondith, and no thing disseyueth the kepere of thi soule, and he schal yelde to a man bi hise werkis.

Proverbs 27:4

4 Ire hath no merci, and woodnesse brekynge out `hath no merci; and who mai suffre the fersnesse of a spirit stirid?

Ecclesiastes 2:18-19

18 Eft Y curside al my bisynesse, bi which Y trauelide moost studiousli vndur sunne, and Y schal haue an eir after me, 19 whom Y knowe not, whether he schal be wijs ether a fool; and he schal be lord in my trauels, for whiche Y swatte greetli, and was bisi; and is ony thing so veyn?

Ecclesiastes 4:4

4 Eft Y bihelde alle the trauelis of men, and bisynesses; and Y perseyuede that tho ben opyn to the enuye of neiybore; and therfor in this is vanyte, and superflu bisynesse.

Ecclesiastes 4:4

4 and it is myche betere to make not a vowe, than aftir a vowe to yelde not biheestis.

Ecclesiastes 8:4

4 and his word is ful of power, and no man mai seie to hym, Whi doist thou so?

Ecclesiastes 8:12

12 Netheles of that, that a synnere doith yuel an hundrid sithis, and is suffrid bi pacience, Y knew that good schal be to men dredynge God, that reuerensen his face.

Ecclesiastes 9:15

15 And a pore man and a wijs was foundun ther ynne; and he delyuerede the citee bi his wisdom, and no man bithouyte aftirward on that pore man.

Ecclesiastes 12:13

13 Alle we here togydere the ende of spekyng. Drede thou God, and kepe hise heestis; `that is to seie, ech man.

Isaiah 3:10

10 Seie ye to the iust man, that it schal be to hym wel; for he schal ete the fruyt of hise fyndyngis.

Isaiah 14:6

6 that beet puplis in indignacioun, with vncurable wounde, that sugetide folkis in woodnesse, that pursuede cruely.

Isaiah 51:23

23 And Y schal sette it in the hond of hem that maden thee low, and seiden to thi soule, Be thou bowid that we passe; and thou hast set thi bodi as erthe, and as a weye to hem that goen forth.

Isaiah 52:5

5 And now what is to me here? seith the Lord; for my puple is takun awei with out cause; the lordis therof doen wickidli, seith the Lord, and my name is blasfemyd contynueli al dai.

Isaiah 58:6

6 Whether not this is more the fastyng, which Y chees? Vnbynde thou the byndingis togidere of vnpitee, releesse thou birthuns pressynge doun; delyuere thou hem free, that ben brokun, and breke thou ech birthun.

Jeremiah 35:2

2 kyng of Juda, and seide, Go thou to the hous of Recabitis, and speke thou to hem; and thou schalt brynge hem in to the hous of the Lord, in to o chaumbre of tresouris, and thou schalt yyue to hem to drynke wyn.

Jeremiah 50:33-34

33 The Lord of oostis seith these thingis, The sones of Israel and the sones of Juda togidere suffren fals caleng; alle that token hem, holden, thei nylen delyuere hem. 34 The ayenbyere of hem is strong, the Lord of oostis is his name; bi dom he schal defende the cause of hem, that he make the lond aferd, and stire togidere the dwelleris of Babiloyne.

Daniel 3:16-18

16 Sidrac, Misaac, and Abdenago answeriden, and seiden to the king Nabugodonosor, It nedith not, that we answere of this thing to thee. 17 For whi oure God, whom we worschipen, mai rauysche vs fro the chymenei of fier brennynge, and mai delyuere fro thin hondis, thou kyng. 18 That if he nyle, be it knowun to thee, thou kyng, that we onouren not thi goddis, and we worschipen not the goldun ymage, which thou hast reisid.

Daniel 6:13

13 Thanne thei answeriden, and seiden bifore the kyng, Danyel, of the sones of caitifte of Juda, reckide not of thi lawe, and of the comaundement, which thou ordeynedist, but thre tymes bi the dai he preieth in his bisechyng.

Hosea 5:11

11 Effraym suffrith fals chalenge, and is brokun bi doom; for he bigan to go after filthis.

Micah 3:3

3 Whiche eeten the fleisch of my puple, and hiliden the skyn of hem fro aboue; and broken togidere the boonys of hem, and kittiden togidere as in a cawdroun, and as fleisch in the myddil of a pot.

Micah 6:16

16 And thou keptist the heestis of Amry, and al the werk of the hous of Acab, and hast walkid in the lustis of hem, that Y schulde yyue thee in to perdicioun, and men dwellynge in it in to scornyng, and ye schulen bere the schenschipe of my puple.

Nahum 3:14

14 Drawe vp to thee water for asegyng, bilde thi strengthis; entre in fen, and trede, thou vndurgoynge holde a tiel stoon.

Matthew 10:28

28 And nyle ye drede hem that sleen the bodi; for thei moun not sle the soule; but rather drede ye hym, that mai lese bothe soule and bodi in to helle.

Matthew 10:42

42 And who euer yyueth drynke to oon of these leeste a cuppe of coolde watir oonli in the name of a disciple, treuli Y seie to you, he shal not leese his mede.

Matthew 21:38

38 But the erthe tilieris, seynge the sone, seiden with ynne hem silf, This is the eire; come ye, sle we hym, and we schulen haue his eritage.

Matthew 25:40

40 And the kyng answerynge schal seie to hem, Treuli Y seie to you, as longe as ye diden to oon of these my leeste britheren, ye diden to me.

Luke 1:50

50 And his mercy is fro kynrede in to kynredes, to men that dreden hym.

Luke 12:5

5 But Y schal schewe to you, whom ye schulen drede; drede ye hym, that aftir he hath slayn, he hath power to sende in to helle. And so Y seie to you, drede ye hym.

John 12:19

19 Therfor the Farisees seiden to hem silf, Ye seen, that we profiten no thing; lo! al the world wente aftir hym.

Acts 4:2-4

2 that thei tauyten the puple, and telden in Jhesu the ayenrisyng fro deth. 3 And thei leiden hondis on hem, and puttiden hem in to warde in to the morewe; for it was thanne euentid. 4 But manye of hem that hadden herd the word, bileueden; and the noumbre of men was maad fyue thousyndis.

Acts 4:18-20

18 And thei clepiden hem, and denounsiden to hem, that on no maner thei schulden speke, nether teche, in the name of Jhesu. 19 But Petre and Joon answeriden, and seiden to hem, If it be riytful in the siyt of God to here you rather than God, deme ye. 20 For we moten nedis speke tho thingis, that we han sayn and herd.

Acts 5:28-33

28 and seiden, In comaundement we comaundiden you, that ye schulden not teche in this name, and lo! ye han fillid Jerusalem with youre teching, and ye wolen bringe on vs the blood of this man. 29 And Petre answeride, and the apostlis, and seiden, It bihoueth to obeie to God, more than to men.

Acts 5:29

29 And Petre answeride, and the apostlis, and seiden, It bihoueth to obeie to God, more than to men. 30 God of oure fadris reiside Jhesu, whom ye slowen, hangynge in a tre. 31 God enhaunside with his riythond this prince and sauyour, that penaunce were yyue to Israel, and remyssioun of synnes. 32 And we ben witnessis of these wordis, and the Hooli Goost, whom God yaf to alle obeischinge to him. 33 Whanne thei herden these thingis, thei weren turmentid, and thouyten to sle hem.

Acts 7:14-16

14 And Joseph sente, and clepide Jacob, his fadir, and al his kynrede, seuenti and fyue men. 15 And Jacob cam doun in to Egipt, and was deed, he and oure fadris; 16 and thei weren translatid in to Sichen, and weren leid in the sepulcre, that Abraham bouyte bi prijs of siluer of the sones of Emor, the sone of Sichen. 17 And whanne the tyme of biheeste cam niy, which God hadde knoulechid to Abraham, the puple waxede, and multipliede in Egipt, 18 til another kyng roos in Egipt, which knewe not Joseph.

Acts 7:18

18 til another kyng roos in Egipt, which knewe not Joseph. 19 This bigilide oure kyn, and turmentide oure fadris, that thei schulden putte awey her yonge children, for thei schulden not lyue.

Acts 7:34

34 Y seynge say the turmentyng of my puple that is in Egipt, and Y herde the mornyng of hem, and Y cam doun to delyuere hem. And now come thou, and Y schal sende thee in to Egipt.

Acts 23:12

12 And whanne the dai was come, summe of the Jewis gaderiden hem, and maden `avow, and seiden, that thei schulden nether eete, ne drinke, til thei slowen Poul.

Romans 8:28

28 And we witen, that to men `that louen God, alle thingis worchen togidere in to good, to hem that aftir purpos ben clepid seyntis.

1 Corinthians 3:18-20

18 No man disseyue hym silf. If ony man among you is seyn to be wiys in this world, be he maad a fool, that he be wijs. 19 For the wisdom of this world is foli anentis God; for it is writun, Y schal catche wise men in her fel wisdom; 20 and eft, The Lord knowith the thouytis of wise men, for tho ben veyn.

Titus 3:3

3 For we weren sum tyme vnwise, vnbileueful, errynge, and seruynge to desiris, and to dyuerse lustis, doynge in malice and enuye, worthi to be hatid, hatinge ech othere.

Hebrews 6:10

10 For God is not vniust, that he foryete youre werk and loue, whiche ye han schewid in his name; for ye han mynystrid to seyntis, `and mynistren.

Hebrews 12:6-11

6 For the Lord chastisith hym that he loueth; he betith euery sone that he resseyueth. 7 Abide ye stille in chastising; God proferith hym to you as to sones. For what sone is it, whom the fadir chastisith not? 8 That if ye `ben out of chastising, whos parteneris ben ye alle maad, thanne ye ben auowtreris, and not sones. 9 And aftirward we hadden fadris of oure fleisch, techeris, and we with reuerence dredden hem. Whethir not myche more we schulen obeische to the fadir of spiritis, and we schulen lyue? 10 And thei in tyme of fewe dayes tauyten vs bi her wille; but this fadir techith to that thing that is profitable, in resseyuynge the halewing of hym. 11 And ech chastisyng in present tyme semeth to be not of ioye, but of sorewe; but aftirward it schal yelde fruyt of riytwisnesse moost pesible to men exercisid bi it.

James 3:14-16

14 That if ye han bitter enuye, and stryuyngis ben in youre hertis, nyle ye haue glorye, and be lyeris ayens the treuthe. 15 For this wisdom is not fro aboue comynge doun, but ertheli, and beestli, and feendli.

James 3:15-18

15 For this wisdom is not fro aboue comynge doun, but ertheli, and beestli, and feendli. 16 For where is enuye and strijf, there is vnstidfastnesse and al schrewid werk.

James 3:16-18

16 For where is enuye and strijf, there is vnstidfastnesse and al schrewid werk. 17 But wisdom that is from aboue, first it is chast, aftirward pesible, mylde, able to be counseilid, consentinge to goode thingis, ful of merci and of goode fruytis, demynge with out feynyng. 18 And the fruyt of riytwisnesse is sowun in pees, to men that maken pees.

James 4:5

5 Whether ye gessen, that the scripture seith veynli, The spirit that dwellith in you, coueitith to enuye?

Revelation 7:4-8

4 And I herde the noumbre of men that weren markid, an hundrid thousynde and foure and fourti thousynde markid, of euery lynage of the sones of Israel; 5 of the lynage of Juda, twelue thousynde markid; of the lynage of Ruben, twelue thousynde markid; of the lynage of Gad, twelue thousynde markid; 6 of the lynage of Aser, twelue thousynde markid; of the lynage of Neptalym, twelue thousynde markid; of the lynage of Manasse, twelue thousynde markid; 7 of the lynage of Symeon, twelue thousynde markid; of the lynage of Leuy, twelue thousynde markid; of the lynage of Isachar, twelue thousynde markid; 8 of the lynage of Zabulon, twelue thousynde markid; of the lynage of Joseph, twelue thousynde markid; of the lynage of Beniamyn, twelue thousynde markid.

Revelation 12:4

4 And the tail of hym drow the thridde part of sterris of heuene, and sente hem in to the erthe. And the dragoun stood bifore the womman, that was to berynge child, that whanne sche hadde borun child, he schulde deuoure hir sone.

Revelation 16:4-6

4 And the thridde aungel schedde out his viol on the floodis, and on the wellis of watris, and seide, 5 Just art thou, Lord, that art, and that were hooli, that demest these thingis; 6 for thei schedden out the blood of halewis and prophetis, and thou hast youun to hem blood to drinke; for thei ben worthi.

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