Numbers 29:7-11

Wycliffe(i) 7 Also the tenthe dai of this seuenthe monethe schal be hooli and worschipful to you, and ye schulen turmente youre soulis; ye schulen not do ony seruyle werk ther ynne. 8 And ye schulen offre brent sacrifice to the Lord, in to swettiste odour; o calf of the droue, o ram, seuene lambren of o yeer with out wem. 9 And in the sacrifices of tho `ye schulen offre thre tenthe partis of flour spreynt togidere with oyle, bi ech calf, twey tenthe partis bi a ram, 10 the tenthe part of a dyme bi each lomb, that ben togidere seuene lambren. 11 And ye schulen offre a `buc of geet for synne, with out these thingis that ben wont to be offrid for synne in to clensyng, and `ye schulen offre euerlastinge brent sacrifice in sacrifice, and fletinge offryngis of tho.