1 Chronicles 23:7 Cross References - Webster_Strongs

  7 H1649 Of the Gershonites H3936 were, Laadan H8096 , and Shimei.

Exodus 6:17

  17 H1121 The sons H1648 of Gershon H3845 ; Libni H8096 , and Shimi H4940 , according to their families.

1 Chronicles 6:17-20

  17 H8034 And these are the names H1121 of the sons H1647 of Gershom H3845 ; Libni H8096 , and Shimei.
  18 H1121 And the sons H6955 of Kohath H6019 were, Amram H3324 , and Izhar H2275 , and Hebron H5816 , and Uzziel.
  19 H1121 The sons H4847 of Merari H4249 ; Mahli H4187 , and Mushi H4940 . And these are the families H3881 of the Levites H1 according to their fathers.
  20 H1647 Of Gershom H3845 ; Libni H1121 his son H3189 , Jahath H1121 his son H2155 , Zimmah H1121 his son,

1 Chronicles 15:7

  7 H1121 Of the sons H1647 of Gershom H3100 ; Joel H8269 the chief H251 , and his brethren H3967 an hundred H7970 and thirty:

1 Chronicles 26:21

  21 H1121 As concerning the sons H3936 of Laadan H1121 ; the sons H1649 of the Gershonite H3936 Laadan H7218 , chief H1 fathers H3936 , even of Laadan H1649 the Gershonite H3172 , were Jehieli.

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