1 Timothy 2:1 Cross References - Tyndale

1 I exhorte therfore that above all thynges prayers supplicacions intercessions and gevynge of thankes behad for all men:

Genesis 18:23-32

23 and drewe nere and saydeWylt thou destroy the rightwes with the wyked? 24 Yf there be .l. rightwes within the cyte wilt thou destroy it and not spare the place for the sake of .l. rightwes that are therin? 25 That be farre from the that thou shuldest do after thys maner to sley the rightwes with the weked ad that the rightwes shulde be as the weked: that befarre from the. Shulde not the iudge of all ye worlde do acordynge to righte? 26 And the LORde sayde: Yf I fynde in Sodome .l. rightwes within the cyte I will spare all the place for their sakes. 27 And Abraham answered and sayde: beholde I haue taken vppon me to speake vnto ye LORde ad yet am but dust ad asshes. 28 What though there lacke .v. of .l. rightwes wylt thou destroy all the cyte for lacke of .v? And he sayde: Yf I fynde there .xl. and .v. I will not destroy them. 29 And he spake vnto him yet agayne and sayde: what yf there be .xl. foude there: And he sayde: I wyll not do it for forties sake. 30 And he sayde: O let not my LORde be angrye that I speake. What yf there be foude .xxx. there? And he sayde: I will not do it yf I finde .xxx. there. 31 And be sayde: Oh se I haue begonne to speake vnto my LORde what yf there be .xx. founde there? And he sayde: I will not distroy the for tweties sake. 32 And he sayde: O let not my LORde be angrye that I speake yet but eue once more only. What yf ten be founde there?. And he sayde: I will not destroy the for .x. sake.

Matthew 6:9-10

9 Let thy kyngdome come. Thy wyll be fulfilled as well in erth as it ys in heven. 10 Geve vs this daye oure dayly breede.

Acts 17:30

30 And the tyme of this ignoraunce God regarded not: but now he byddeth all men every where repent

Romans 1:8

8 Fyrst verely I thanke my God thorow Iesus Christ for you all because youre fayth is publisshed through out all the worlde.

Romans 6:17

17 God be thanked yt though ye were once the servauntes of synne ye have yet obeyed with herte vnto the forme of doctryne wher vnto ye were delyvered.

1 Corinthians 15:3

3 For fyrst of all I delivered vnto you that which I receaved: how that Christ dyed for oure synnes agreinge to the scriptures:

2 Corinthians 8:6

6 so that we coulde not but desyre Titus to acomplysshe the same benivolence amonge you also even as he had begonne.

Ephesians 3:13

13 Wherfore I desire yt ye faynt not because of my trybulacios for youre sakes: which is youre prayse.

Ephesians 5:20

20 gevinge thankes all wayes for all thinges vnto God the father in the name of oure Lorde Iesu Christ:

Philippians 1:3

3 I thanke my God with all remembraunce of you

1 Thessalonians 3:12

12 and the lorde increace you and make you flowe ouer in love one towarde another and towarde all men even as we do towarde you

2 Thessalonians 1:3

3 We are bounde to thanke God all wayes for you brethren as it is mete because that youre fayth groweth excedyngly and every one of you swymmeth in love towarde another betwene youre selves

1 Timothy 2:4

4 which will have all men saved and to come vnto the knowledge of ye trueth.

1 Timothy 5:5

5 She that is a very wyddowe and frendlesse putteth her trust in god and continueth in supplicacion and prayer nyght and daye.

2 Timothy 2:24

24 But the servaunt of the lorde must not stryve: but must be peasable vnto all men and apte to teache and one that can suffre:

Titus 2:11

11 For the grace of god that bryngeth saluacion vnto all men hath appered

Titus 3:2

2 that they speake evyll of no ma that they be no fyghters but softe shewynge all meknes vnto all men.

Hebrews 6:11

11 Yee and we desyre that every one of you shew the same diligence to the stablysshynge of hope even vnto the ende:

James 5:16

16 knowledge youre fautes one to another: and praye one for another that ye maye be healed. The prayer of a ryghteous ma avayleth moche yf it be fervet.

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