2 Samuel 1:1 Cross References - Matthew

1 After the death of Saule, when Dauid was returned from the slaughter of the Amalekites, & had ben two dayes in Zikeleg:

1 Samuel 27:6

6 Then Achis gaue him Zikeleg the same day, for which cause Zikeleg pertayneth vnto the kinges of Iuda vnto this daye.

1 Samuel 30:17-26

17 And Dauid layde vpon them from the twylyght vntyll the euen on the morow: so that there escaped not a man, saue foure hundre a young men, whyche rodde awaye vpon cameles and fledde. 18 And Dauid recouered all that the Amalekites had caryed awaye, and his two wyues, 19 so that there was no persone lackynge smal or great, sonne or doughter, or of the spoyle of all that they had take awaye, Dauid brought all againe. 20 And Dauid toke all the shepe, and the oxen. And they draue the cattel before, and sayde: this is Dauids pray. 21 And then Dauid came to the two hundred men that were to wery for to folowe Dauid, which they made to abyde at the ryuer Besor. And they came to mete Dauid and the people that were wyth hym. And when Dauid came to the people, he saluted them. 22 Then answered all the wycked and the vnthriftes of the men that went wyth Dauid, and sayde: because they went noth with vs, therfore shall none of the praye that we haue recouered, be geuen vnto them, saue to euery man hys wyfe and his children: whyche let them cary awaye and be walkynge. 23 Then sayde Dauid: ye shall not do so (my brethren) with that the Lorde hath geuen vs, and hath preserued vs, & delyuered the companye that came agaynst vs, into oure handes. 24 For who shoulde herken vnto you in this matter? But as his parte is that goeth & fighteth so good shal hys parte be, that taryeth by the stuffe, they shall part it a lyke. 25 And so from that daye forward was that made a law and a custome in Israel, and dureth to thys day. 26 When Dauid came to Zikeleg, he sent of hys praye vnto the elders to Iuda and to hys frendes saying: se there a blessinge for you, of the spoyle of the enemies of the Lorde:

1 Samuel 31:6

6 And so Saul dyed and hys thre sonnes and hys harnesbearer, and therto all hys men, that same daye together.

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