Deuteronomy 7:1 Cross References - LEB

1 "When Yahweh your God brings you into the land that you are about to enter into it* to take possession of it, and he drives* out many nations before you,* the Hittites* and the Girgashites* and the Amorites* and the Canaanites* and the Hivites* and the Jebusites,* seven nations mightier and more numerous than you,

Genesis 15:18-21

18 On that day Yahweh made* a covenant with Abram saying, "To your offspring I will give this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates river, 19 the land of the Kenites, the Kenizzites, the Kadmonites, 20 the Hittites, the Perizzites, the Rephaim, 21 the Amorites, the Canaanites, the Girgashites, and the Jebusites."

Exodus 6:8

8 And I will bring you to the land that I swore* to give to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, and I will give it to you as a possession. I am Yahweh."

Exodus 15:7

7 And in the greatness of your majesty you overthrew those standing up to you; you released your fierce anger, and it consumed them like stubble.

Exodus 23:28

28 And I will send the hornet before you, and it will drive out the Hivites,* the Canaanites,* and the Hittites* from before you.

Exodus 33:2

2 And I will send an angel before you, and I will drive out the Canaanites,* the Amorites,* and the Hittites* and the Perizzites,* the Hivites,* and the Jebusites,*

Numbers 14:31

31 But your little children, whom you said would be plunder, I will bring them, and they will know the land that you rejected.

Deuteronomy 4:1-3

1 "Now, Israel, listen to the rules and to the regulations that I am teaching you to do, in order that you may live and you may go in and you may take possession of the land that Yahweh, the God of your ancestors,* is giving to you. 2 You must not add to the word that I am commanding you, and you shall not take away from it in order to keep* the commands of Yahweh your God that I am commanding you to observe. 3 Your eyes have seen* what Yahweh did with* the case of Baal Peor, for each* man that followed after Baal Peor Yahweh your God destroyed from your midst.

Deuteronomy 4:38

38 to drive out nations greater and more numerous than you from before you,* to bring you and to give to you their land as an inheritance, as it is this day.

Deuteronomy 6:1

1 "Now this is the commandment, the rules and the regulations, that Yahweh your God charged to teach to you for you to observe* in the land that you are about to cross over into* to take possession of it,

Deuteronomy 6:10

10 "And then it will happen that when Yahweh your God will bring you to the land that he swore to your ancestors,* to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give to you large and fine cities that you did not build,

Deuteronomy 6:19

19 by driving out all of your enemies before you,* just as Yahweh has promised.*

Deuteronomy 6:23

23 But he brought us out from there in order to bring us here to give us the land that he swore to our ancestors.*

Deuteronomy 9:1

1 "Hear, Israel, you are about to cross the Jordan today to go to dispossess nations larger and more numerous than you, great cities fortified with high walls,*

Deuteronomy 9:4

4 "You shall not say to yourself* when Yahweh your God is driving them out* before you,* saying,* 'Because of my righteousness Yahweh brought me to take possession of this land'; but because of the wickedness of these nations Yahweh is driving them out before you.*

Deuteronomy 11:29

29 "And it will happen that when Yahweh your God has brought you to the land that you are going to,* to take possession of it, then* you shall pronounce the blessing on Mount Gerizim and the curse on Mount Ebal.

Deuteronomy 20:1

1 "If you go out to war against your enemies and you see a horse and a chariot, an army* larger that you, you shall not be afraid because of them; for Yahweh your God is with you, the one who brought you from the land of Egypt.

Deuteronomy 31:3

3 Yahweh your God is about to cross before you;* he will destroy these nations before you,* and you shall dispossess them. Joshua will be crossing before you,* just as Yahweh promised.*

Deuteronomy 31:20

20 For when I bring them* into the land that I swore to their* ancestors,* a land flowing with milk and honey, they will eat their fill,* and they* will become fat, and then they* will turn to other gods, and they will serve them, and they will spurn me, and they* will break my covenant.

Psalms 44:2-3

2 You with your hand drove out the nations, but them* you planted. You harmed the peoples, but them* you let spread out. 3 For not with their sword did they possess the land, and their arm did not give them victory. Rather it was your right hand and your arm and the light of your presence, because you delighted in them.

Psalms 78:55

55 And he drove out nations before them and allocated them for an inheritance by boundary line, and settled the tribes of Israel in their tents.

Acts 13:19

19 And after* destroying seven nations in the land of Canaan, he gave their land to his people* as an inheritance.

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