Titus 2:12

  12 G3811 (G5723) V-PAP-NSF παιδευουσα G2248 P-1AP ημας G2443 CONJ ινα G720 (G5666) V-ADP-NPM αρνησαμενοι G3588 T-ASF την G763 N-ASF ασεβειαν G2532 CONJ και G3588 T-APF τας G2886 A-APF κοσμικας G1939 N-APF επιθυμιας G4996 ADV σωφρονως G2532 CONJ και G1346 ADV δικαιως G2532 CONJ και G2153 ADV ευσεβως G2198 (G5661) V-AAS-1P ζησωμεν G1722 PREP εν G3588 T-DSM τω G3568 ADV νυν G165 N-DSM αιωνι
ERV(i) 12 instructing us, to the intent that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly and righteously and godly in this present world;