2 Corinthians 13:7

  7 G2172 (G5736) V-PNI-1S ευχομαι G1161 CONJ δε G4314 PREP προς G3588 T-ASM τον G2316 N-ASM θεον G3361 PRT-N μη G4160 (G5658) V-AAN ποιησαι G5209 P-2AP υμας G2556 A-ASN κακον G3367 A-ASN μηδεν G3756 PRT-N ουχ G2443 CONJ ινα G2249 P-1NP ημεις G1384 A-NPM δοκιμοι G5316 (G5652) V-2APS-1P φανωμεν G235 CONJ αλλ G2443 CONJ ινα G5210 P-2NP υμεις G3588 T-ASN το G2570 A-ASN καλον G4160 (G5725) V-PAS-2P ποιητε G2249 P-1NP ημεις G1161 CONJ δε G5613 ADV ως G96 A-NPM αδοκιμοι G1510 (G5753) V-PXS-1P ωμεν
ERV(i) 7 Now we pray to God that ye do no evil; not that we may appear approved, but that ye may do that which is honourable, though we be as reprobate.
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