Daniel 11:30-36

Rotherham(i) 30 Then will come in against him the ships of Cyprus, and he will be disheartened, and again have indignation against a holy covenant, and will act with effect,––and again gain intelligence, concerning them who are forsaking a holy covenant. 31 And, arms, from him, will arise,––and will profane the sanctuary, the fortress, and will set aside the continual [ascending–sacrifice], and place the horrid abomination that astoundeth. 32 And, them who are ready to deal lawlessly with a covenant, will he make impious by flatteries,––but, the people who know their God, will be strong and act with effect. 33 And, they who make the people wise, will impart understanding to the many,––yet shall they be brought low, by sword and by flame, by captivity and by prey, for some days; 34 but, when they are brought low, they shall be helped with a little help,––and many, will join themselves unto them, by flatteries; 35 and, of them who make wise, some shall be brought low, to refine them, and to purify and make white, up to the time of the end,––for yet is it for an appointed time. 36 And the king, will do according to his own pleasure, and will exalt himself, and magnify himself against every GOD, yea, against the GOD of GODS, will he speak wonderful things,––and will succeed, until exhausted is the indignation, for, what is decreed, must be done;