Leviticus 2

NSB(i) 1 »‘When you present an offering of grain to Jehovah, you must first grind it into flour. You must put oil and incense on it. 2 »‘Give it to Aaron’s sons the priests. The priest will take a handful of the flour and oil and all of the incense and burn it on the altar as a memorial. It is all offered by fire to Jehovah. The odor of this food offering is pleasing to Jehovah. 3 »‘The rest of the grain offering will belong to Aaron and his sons. It is most holy and set apart from Jehovah’s offering by fire. 4 »‘If your grain offering has been baked in an oven, it must be rings of unleavened bread made of flour mixed with olive oil or wafers of unleavened bread brushed with oil. 5 »‘If your grain offering is prepared in a frying pan, it, too, will be unleavened bread made of flour mixed with oil. 6 »‘Break it into pieces and pour oil over it. It is a grain offering. 7 »‘When your grain offering is prepared in a skillet, it will be made of flour with oil. 8 »‘Bring Jehovah the grain offering prepared in any of these ways. Offer it to the priest who will bring it to the altar. 9 »‘To show that the whole offering belongs to me, the priest will lay part of it on the altar. He will send it up in smoke and fire with a smell that pleases Jehovah. 10 »‘The rest of the offering belongs to the priests. It is very holy, since it is taken from the food offered to Jehovah. 11 »‘Every grain offering you bring to Jehovah must be made without yeast. Do not use yeast or honey in food offered to Jehovah. 12 »‘Bring them to Jehovah as an offering of first fruits. Do not offer them on the altar as a soothing aroma. 13 »‘Season every grain offering with salt. Do not leave the salt of the covenant of your God out of your grain offering. All of your offerings must have salt. 14 »‘When you bring a grain offering of early-ripened things to Jehovah, you should bring fresh heads of grain roasted in the fire, grits of new growth, for the grain offering of your early-ripened things. 15 »‘Put oil and incense on it. It is a grain offering. 16 »‘The priest will burn the flour, oil, and all the incense as a reminder. It is an offering by fire to Jehovah.