Psalms 25

Matthew(i) 1 Of Dauid, Vnto the (O Lorde) I lyft vp my soule. 2 My God, I trust in the: Oh lette me not be confounded, leste myne enemyes tryumphe ouer me. 3 For all they that hope in the shall not be ashamed: but suche as be scornefull despysers without a cause they shall be put to confucyon. 4 Shewe me thy wayes, O Lord, & teach me thy pathes. 5 Lede me in thy trueth and learne me, for thou art the God of my healthe, and in the is my hope al the day long. 6 Call to remembrance, O Lorde, thy tender mercyes and thy louynge kyndenesses, which haue bene euer of olde. 7 Oh remembre not the synnes and offences of my youth, but accordynge vnto thy mercye thynke vpon we, O Lord, for thy goodnesse. 8 O how frendly & rightuous is the Lord, therfore will he teach synners in the way. 9 He ledeth the symple a right, & suche as be meke them lerneth he his wayes. 10 All the wayes of the Lord are verye mercy and faythfulnes, vnto suche as kepe hys testament and couenaunte. 11 For thy names sake, O Lorde, be mercyfull vnto my synne, for it is greate. 12 Whatsoeuer he be that feareth the Lorde he shall shewe hym the waye that he hathe chosen. 13 Hys soule shall dwell at ease, and his sede shal possesse the lande. 14 The secrete of the Lorde is amonge them that feare him, and he sheweth them hys couenaunt. 15 Myne eyes are euer lokynge vnto the Lorde, for he shall plucke my fete oute of the net. 16 Turne the vnto me and haue mercy vpon me, for I am desolate and in misery. 17 The sorowes of my herte, are greate, O brynge me out of my troubles. 18 Loke vpon myne aduersyty and misery, & forgeue me all my synnes. 19 Consyder how myne enemyes are many, and beare a malicious hate against me. 20 O kepe my soule, and delyuer me: let me not be confounded, for I haue put my trust in the. 21 Let inocencye and ryghtuous dealynge walie vpon me, for my hope is in the. 22 Delyuer Israell, O God oute of all hys trouble.