Psalms 25

ECB(i) 1 By David. To you, O Yah Veh, I lift my soul; 2 O my Elohim, I confide in you; may I neither shame nor my enemies jump for joy over me: 3 yes, may none who await you shame; shame them who deal vanity covertly. 4 Have me know your ways, O Yah Veh; teach me your paths: 5 aim me in your truth and teach me; for you are Elohim of my salvation: I await you all the day. 6 Remember, O Yah Veh, your tender mercies and your kind mercies; for they are eternal: 7 remember neither the sins of my youth nor my rebellions: according to your mercy remember me for sake of your goodness, O Yah Veh. 8 Good and straight is Yah Veh; so he teaches sinners in the way: 9 he aims the humble in judgment; and he teaches the humble his way. 10 All the paths of Yah Veh are mercy and truth to such as guard his covenant and his witnesses. 11 For sake of your name, O Yah Veh, forgive my perversity; for it is great. 12 What man is he who awes Yah Veh? He teaches him in the way he chooses. 13 His soul stays in goodness; and his seed possesses the earth: 14 the private counsel of Yah Veh is with them who awe him; and he has them know his covenant. 15 My eyes are continually toward Yah Veh; for he plucks my feet from the net. 16 Face me and grant me charism; for I am alone and humble: 17 the tribulations of my heart enlarge; bring me from my distresses. 18 See my humiliation and my toil; and lift all my sins: 19 see my enemies; for they abound by the myriads: and they hate me with hatred of violence. 20 O guard my soul and rescue me that I shame not; for I seek my refuge in you: 21 Integrity and straightness guard me; for I await you: 22 redeem Yisra El, O Elohim, from all his tribulations.