Joshua 3

Matthew(i) 1 And Iosua rose earlye: and they remoued from Settim, & came to Iordan, bothe he and al the chyldren of Israel, & soiourned there before they went ouer. 2 And after thre dayes the offycers went thorowe out the hoste, 3 and commaunded the people, sayinge: when ye se the arcke of the testament of the lord youre God, and the priestes that are Leuites bearyng it: then departe ye from your places & folowe after it. 4 So yet that there be a space betwene you and it, aboute a two thousande cubytes by measure. And come not nye vnto it, that ye maye knowe the waye by which ye must go: for ye haue not gone by it in tymes past. 5 And Iosua sayde vnto the people, puryfye your selues, for to morowe the Lord shall shewe wonders amonge you. 6 Then Iosua spake vnto the priestes saying Take vp the arcke of the Testamente, and go before the people. And they toke vp the arcke of the testament, and wente before the people. 7 And the Lorde sayd vnto Iosua: This day wyll I begynne to magnifye the, in the syghte of Israell, that they maye knowe howe that as I was wyth Moses, so wyll I be wyth the. 8 And commaunde thou the priestes that beare the arcke of the testament, saying: when ye are entered a lytle into the water of Iordan then stande styll in it. 9 Then spake Iosua to the chyldren of Israel sayinge: come hether, & heare the wordes of the Lorde youre God. 10 And Iosua sayd: Herebye ye shall know, that the lyuyng God is among you, and that he wyll wythout fayle cast oute before you, the Cananites, the Hethites, the Heuites, the Pheresites, the Gergesites, the Amorytes, and the Iebusites. 11 Behold, the arcke of the appoyntemente of the Lorde of all the worlde shal go before you into Iordan. 12 And now take you twelue men of the chyldren of Israel, of euerye trybe a man. 13 And as sone as the sooles of the fete of the priestes that beare the arcke of Iehouah (the Lord of al the world) treade in the water of Iordan, the water of Iordan shall deuyde it selfe: and the waters that commeth from aboue shall stande styll vpon an heape. 14 And when the people were departed from theyr tentes to go ouer Iordan (the Pryestes bearynge the arcke of the appoyntement before the people) 15 as sone as they that bare the arcke came vnto Iordan, and the fete of the Pryestes that bare the arcke were dypped in the brym of the water Iordan beyng full ouer all hys banckes all the tyme of harueste: 16 the water that came doune from aboue dyd stoppe and stode vpon an heape, a great waye from Adam, a cytye besyde Zarthan. And the water that wente doune vanyshed into the sea of the wyldernes called the salte sea as sone as it was deuyded: & the people went ryght ouer agaynst Ierycho. 17 And the priestes that bare the arcke of the appoyntemente of the Lorde stode styll vpon drye lande, vntyl all the people were cleane ouer Iordan.