1 Corinthians 11

Matthew(i) 1 Folowe me, as I do Christe. 2 I commende you brethren that ye remembre me in al thinges, & kepe the ordinaunces euen as I deliuered them to you. 3 I woulde you knewe that Christ is the heade of euery man. And the man is the womans heade. And God is Christes heade. 4 Euery man praiynge or prophesiynge hauing any thinge on his heade, shameth his head. 5 Euery woman that prayeth or prophesyeth bare headed, dishonesteth her heade. For it is euen all one, and the very same thinge, euen as though she were shauen. 6 If the woman be not couered, let her also be shoren. If it be shame for a woman to be shorne or shauen let her couer her head. 7 A man oughte not to couer his heade, for as muche as he is the ymage and glorye of God. The woman is the glorye of the man. 8 For the man is not of the woman, but the woman of the man. 9 Neither was the man created for the womans sake: but the woman for the mannes sake. 10 For thys cause ought the woman to haue power on her heade, for the aungels sakes. 11 Neuerthelesse, neyther is the man wythout the woman neyther the woman wythout the man in the Lorde. 12 For as the woman is of the man, euen so is the man by the woman: but al is of God. 13 Iudge in your selfes whether it be comelye, that a woman praye vnto God beare headed. 14 Or els doeth not nature teache you that it is a shame for a man, 15 yf he haue longe heyr, & prayse to a woman, yf she haue longe heyre? For her heyre is geuen her to couer her wythall. 16 If there be anye man amonge you, that lusteth to striue let hym knowe that we haue no suche custome, neither the congregations of God. 17 This I warne you of, and commende not that ye come together: not after a better maner but after a worsse. 18 Fyrste of all when ye come together in the congregacion, I heare that there is dyssencyon amonge you, and I partely, beleue it. 19 For there muste be sectes amonge you, that they whyche are perfecte amonge you, myghte be knowen. 20 When ye come together a man can not eate the Lordes supper. For euery man beginneth afore to eate hys owne supper. 21 And one is houngerye, and another is drounken. Haue ye not houses to eate and to drinke in? 22 Or els despise ye the congregacion of God and shame them that haue not? What shall I saye vnto you? shall I prayse you: In thys prayse I you not. 23 That whiche I delyuered you, I receiued of the Lorde. For the Lorde Iesus the same nyght, in whyche he was betrayed, toke breade, 24 and thanked and brake, and sayde. Take ye, eate ye thys is my bodye whiche is broken for you. Thys do ye in the remembraunce of me. 25 After the same maner he toke the cuppe, when supper was done, saying. Thys cuppe is the newe testamente in my bloude. Thys do as ofte as ye drynke it, in the remembraunce of me. 26 For as often as ye shal eate thys breade, and drincke this cuppe, ye shall shewe the Lordes death tyll he come. 27 Wherfore whosoeuer shall eate of this bread, or drinke of the cuppe vnworthely, shall be gyltie of the bodye and bloude of the Lorde. 28 Let a man therfore examen hym selfe, and so let hym eate of the breade and drynke of the cuppe. 29 For he that eateth or drinketh vnworthelye, eateth and drynketh his owne dampnation, because he maketh no difference of the Lordes bodye. 30 For this cause manye are weake and sycke amonge you, and manye slepe. 31 Yf we had truely iudged our selues, we should not haue ben iudged. 32 But when we are iudged of the Lorde, we are chastened, because we shoulde not be dampued wyth the worlde. 33 Wherfore my brethren, when ye come together to eate, tary one for another. 34 If any man hunger, let hym eate at home, that ye come not together vnto condempnation. Other thynges wil I set in order when I come.