Isaiah 37:29-36

MSTC(i) 29 Therefore thy furiousness against me, and thy pride is come before me. I will put a ring in thy nose, and a bridle bit in the jaws of thee, and turn thee about, even the same way thou camest. 30 I will give thee also this token, O Hezekiah: this year shalt thou eat that is kept in store, and the next year such as groweth of himself, and in the third year ye shall sow and reap, yea ye shall plant vineyards, and enjoy the fruits thereof. 31 And such of the house of Judah as are escaped, shall come together, and the remnant shall take root beneath, and bring forth fruit above. 32 For the escaped shall go out of Jerusalem, and the remnant from the mount Zion. And this shall the jealousy of the LORD of Hosts bring to pass.' 33 Therefore thus sayeth the LORD, concerning the king of the Assyrians, 'He shall not come into the city, and shall shoot no arrow into it, there shall no shield hurt it, neither shall they grave about it. 34 The same way that he came, shall he return, and not come at this city, sayeth the LORD. 35 And I will keep and save the city, sayeth he: for mine own, and for my servant David's sake.'" 36 Thus the angel went forth, and slew of the Assyrians host, a hundred and eighty five thousand. And when men arose up early, at Jerusalem: Behold, all lay full of dead bodies.