Ezekiel 27:27-32

LEB(i) 27 Your wealth and your merchandise, your wares, your mariners, and your seamen, your shipwrights* and the barterers of your wares and all of your soldiers* who are in you, along* with all of your crew who are in the midst of you, they will fall in the heart of the seas on the day of your downfall. 28 At the sound of the shout* of your seamen, the pasturelands will shake. 29 And they will go down from their ships, all of those holding an oar, mariners, all of the seamen of the sea will stand on the land, 30 and they will lament* over you with their voice, and they will cry out* bitterly, and they will throw* dust on their heads, and they will roll* in the dust. 31 They will shave themselves bald for your sake,* and they will dress* themselves in sackcloth, and they will weep* over you with a bitterness of soul* and with bitter wailing. 32 And they will raise* over you with their wailing a lament, and they will chant* a lament over you: 'Who is like Tyre, like this destruction in the midst of the sea?'