Romans 3

JMNT(i) 1 What then [is] the advantage (the thing given by the surplus of abundance which results in pre-eminence, prerogative and superiority) of the Jew, or what [is] the furthering benefit of the circumcision? 2 Much, in accord with every turn (i.e., from every angle, or, in every way), for first [of all] (or: in the first place; foremost; mainly), indeed, that they were (or: are) entrusted with God’s brief utterances (little words; [note: the diminutive of Logos; often translated: “oracles”]). 3 For what if certain ones refuse (or: some at one point refused) to believe (or: disbelieved; are unfaithful or disloyal; were without faith; are faithless)? Will not their unbelief (faithlessness; lack of trust; disloyalty) proceed in causing God’s faith (or: faithfulness; trustworthiness; loyalty; trust) to be idled-down (rendered useless and unproductive)? 4 Certainly not! (May it not come to be!) Now God must repeatedly come to be true (or: let God continually be birthed genuine and real), though every man [is] a liar – even as it has been written: "So that You should be justified (seen as fair and equitable – in accord with the way pointed out) within Your words (or: sayings), and You will repeatedly overcome (conquer) within the [situation or time for] You to be periodically judged and decided about (or: You will be wining the case when You are tried)." [Ps. 51:4 & 6] 5 However (or: But; Now) if our injustice (disregard for what is right; behavior contrary to the Way pointed out) continues to stand together with (is jointly establishing; habitually commends) God’s solidarity in fair and equitable dealings ([covenantal] justice; Way pointed out; rightwised direction), what shall we continue saying (or: declaring)? God, the One continuously bringing the personal emotion (inherent fervor; impulse; or: wrath; anger; indignation), [is] not unjust! – after the manner of a man (down from [my] humanity) I normally say, "Certainly not (May it not come to be)!" (or: [Is] not God, the One repeatedly bringing on the personal emotion against mankind or anger in correspondence to humanity, unjust? I repeatedly say, "It can't happen!"; or: God [is] not unfair by being the one constantly bringing this inherent fervor and impulse against a person. I am now saying, "It could not occur!") 6 Else (or: Otherwise), how is God constantly making decisions about and repeatedly judging (or, as a future: how will God separate, evaluate and be judging) the ordered System (the controlling world of society, economy, government and religion; human aggregate)? 7 But [other MSS: For] if in the result of my lie (or: falsehood-effect) God’s truth and reality encircles (or: surrounds) for superabundance into His glory (or: [leading] unto His enhanced reputation and a manifestation which calls forth praise), why am I also still being continually separated (judged; evaluated) as one failing to hit the target (as a sinner or an outcast)? 8 And [it is] not according as we are constantly being slandered (abusively spoken of so as to hinder the Light) and according as certain folks – of whom the result of the judgment (or: whose evaluation-effect and separation) is fair (equitable; in accord with justice) – habitually affirm us to be continually saying, "We should constantly be doing (or: producing) the bad things (the ugly, worthless and evil things) so that the good things may come [of it]!" 9 What, then (or: therefore)? Do we continually hold an advantage (habitually have something ahead; or, as a passive: are we continually surpassed)? Not at all, for we already charged (previously accused) all mankind, both Jews and Greeks (or: Hellenists), to be (to continuously exist) under [the direction, power and control, or result, of] failure (the missing of the target by falling short or shooting astray through lack of skill and ability or by distraction; or: error; a mistake; sin), 10 according as it has been, and stands, written, "There is not a just man (there is none fair or in right relationship; or: No one exists being in accord with the Way pointed out), not even one! 11 "The one understanding does not exist (or: There is no man bringing it together to understand)! The one habitually seeking God does not exist (or: There is none continually looking for or repeatedly searching-out God). 12 "All bend out of the regular line (turn aside; or: avoid [God]), [and] at the same time they are made useless; there is no one habitually doing useful kindness (or: kind usefulness); there is not as much as one. [Ps. 14:1-3; 53:1-3] 13 "Their throat [is] an opened grave; by their tongues they were consistently baiting for entrapment (or: to deceive); [Ps. 5:9] venom of asps (vipers) [is] under their lips, [Ps. 140:3] 14 "whose mouth constantly is crammed full of a wishful curse and of bitterness. [Ps. 10:7] 15 "Their feet [are] swift (or: sharp) to pour out blood. 16 "The results of crushing (bruising; shattering) and misery (wretchedness) [are] in their paths (or: ways), 17 "and the road of peace (path or way of shalom) they do not experience (intimately know). [Isa. 59:7-8; Prov. 1:16] 18 "There is no fear of or respect for God before (in front of) their eyes." [Ps. 36:1] 19 But we know from having seen that whatever the Law ([Torah]; or: custom) continues saying, it continues speaking to and for those within the Law (or: custom) – to the end that every mouth may be shut (fenced in; hedged around; stopped; barred; silenced)! And so all the world (ordered System of religion, culture, economy, and government; or: secular society; or: = all humanity) can come to be "under fair and equitable dealings," in God (or: would become subject to a just decision and a pointing out of the Way, by God; or: should come to be liable to God, "under what is right"; or: may be brought to a just trial with God). 20 On account of that (or: Wherefore), no flesh (= person) [at] all will proceed to be put in right relationship (be rightwised; be justified; be made right; be made free from guilt, placed in the Way pointed out; = placed in covenant relationship) before Him (in His sight; face to face with Him in His presence; corem Deo) from out of works of Law (or: deeds or accomplishments springing from Law; performance of Laws' cultus; or: observance of custom or Torah), for you see, through Law [comes] a full, clear, exact, added and experience-gained knowledge of sin (or: from failure; having the character of a missing of the target; which is deviation and error). 21 Yet now, apart from Law (or: custom; habitual practice; ordinance made by authority; or: = Torah), a righteousness of God (God’s solidarity, with fair and equitable dealings; a turning in the right direction, from God; God’s covenantal faithfulness, justice and pointing out of the Way; a rightwisedness and right relationship, which is God) has been manifested and remains displayed in clear light – being continuously attested in witness by means of (or: under) the Law (= Torah) and the Prophets – 22 yet a righteousness of God (or: a right relationship and solidarity with and which is God; justice from God; God’s fair and equitable dealings in accord with the Way pointed out; a rightwised condition effected by God) through Jesus Christ’s faithfulness (trust; faith; convinced loyalty) [coming] into all humanity – as well as upon and into all those believing, for you see, there exists no distinction (no difference; no divided arrangement)! 23 You see, all people at one point veered off the mark (or: all folks deviated; or: everyone fails; all humanity sins), and so they are continually posterior to, falling short of, inferior to and wanting of, God’s glory (of a manifestation of God which calls forth praise; of a reputation which comes from, and has the character of, God; of God's opinion and imagination; of [having] an appearance of God; of the glory from God), 24 while being folks presently and progressively being made right, freed from guilt, placed in solidarity within the Way pointed out, and continuously set in right relationship (or: being [all] one-after-another rightwised; being ones habitually turned in the right direction; being [all] presently justified [by covenant inclusion]) freely (as a gift; gratuitously) by His grace (or: in His joyous favor; with His grace; to His favor) through means of the releasing-away (redemption; setting-free) because of the payment of the ransom which is resident within Christ Jesus (or: which is centered in [the] Anointed Jesus) 25 Whom God publicly set and places before [us] (or: before put-forth; purposed) [as] a sheltering, cleansing cover (mercy seat; lid of the ark; = atonement) through the faithfulness (or: the trust, faith and loyalty) resident within His blood – into a demonstration which points out the proof of His rightwised solidarity (or: His fairness in covenantal, relational rightness, and His just act which accords with the Way pointed out), on account of (or: because of) the letting flow-aside, and the passing by, of the effects of errors (or: the results of sinful acts; offenses against the Law; effects of mistakes) having previously occurred (being ones having been before brought into being) during the midst of God’s tolerant forbearance – 26 toward the demonstration which points out the proof of His rightwised solidarity, with fair and equitable dealing (His justice; His righteousness; His compliance with the Way pointed out), within the present season (in the current fitting situation; in union with the current fertile moment), for Him to be just (or: One in covenantal solidarity that accords with fair and equitable dealings which comprise the Way pointed out) and the One progressively turning in the right direction, making just and freeing from guilt while constantly placing in the Way pointed out which is righted, covenantal relationship (or: The Right-wiser and Justifier of) the person [issuing; being born] forth from out of the midst of Jesus’ faithfulness (or: from [the] trust, loyalty, and trustworthiness [emanating] from, and [the] faith which is, Jesus)! 27 So then where [is] the loud-spoken boasting? It is shut out (or: was excluded). Through what kind of law or custom? Of works (or: The one concerned with and pertaining to acts; The one whose source and involvement is deeds and actions)? No! (or: By no means!) But rather through Faith’s law and principle (or: To the contrary, by means of a principle of trust and loyalty, manifested in faithfulness and coming from confident reliance; = a law and custom which was displayed in the confident loyalty of Christ in His act of solidarity with the human condition)! 28 For you see, [some MSS: Now] we continue logically concluding (reckoning and reasonably accounting) a person (or: mankind; humanity) to be continually made right and freed from guilt, placed in solidarity in the Way pointed out, and kept in a right social bond of relationship (or: rightwised; justified; = included in covenant) by faith and in trust, apart from works of law (= observance of Torah, or acts associated with custom and habitual practice, or pertaining to ordinances made by authority). 29 Or [is He] the God of [the] Jews only? [Is He] not also of the ethnic multitudes (nations; Gentiles; non-Jews)? Yes, of the ethnic multitudes (nations) also, 30 since indeed (or: if after all; [other MSS: seeing that God [is] One (or: [there is] one God; [it is the] one God; = God [is; tends toward] Union; [Deut. 6:4,Shema]) Who from out of faithfulness (or: forth from [His] faith, trust and loyalty) will, by rightwising [them], progressively make Circumcision right, just and free from guilt, placing them in the Way pointed out and setting them in solidarity within right relationships – and (or: as well as) Uncircumcision through means of the [same] faithfulness (by means of this trust, faith and loyalty). 31 Then are we habitually rendering inactive and useless (idling-down and rendering unemployed) law or custom through the faith and trust? Certainly not (May that not come to be)! But rather, we are constantly establishing law (or: a law; setting a custom in its fixed place and making a principle stand).