Numbers 6:9

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  9 H3588 וכי And if H4191 ימות any man H4191 מת die H5921 עליו by H6621 בפתע very H6597 פתאם suddenly H2930 וטמא him, and he hath defiled H7218 ראשׁ the head H5145 נזרו of his consecration; H1548 וגלח then he shall shave H7218 ראשׁו his head H3117 ביום in the day H2893 טהרתו of his cleansing, H3117 ביום day H7637 השׁביעי on the seventh H1548 יגלחנו׃ shall he shave