Leviticus 2:2

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  2 H935 והביאה And he shall bring H413 אל it to H1121 בני sons H175 אהרן Aaron's H3548 הכהנים the priests: H7061 וקמץ and he shall take H8033 משׁם therefrom H4393 מלא his handful H7062 קמצו his handful H5560 מסלתה of the flour H8081 ומשׁמנה thereof, and of the oil H5921 על thereof, with H3605 כל all H3828 לבנתה the frankincense H6999 והקטיר shall burn H3548 הכהן thereof; and the priest H853 את   H234 אזכרתה the memorial H4196 המזבחה of it upon the altar, H801 אשׁה an offering made by fire, H7381 ריח savor H5207 ניחח of a sweet H3068 ליהוה׃ unto the LORD: