Numbers 10

Great(i) 1 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses, saying: 2 Make the two trompettes of syluer: of an whole pece shalt thou make them, that thou mayst vse them to call the congregacyon together, and when the hoost shall iorneye. 3 Therfore shall they blowe with them, that all the multitude maye resorte to the before the dore of the tabernacle of witnes. 4 And yf they blowe but one trompet, then the princes which are heedes ouer the thousandes of Israel shall come vnto the. 5 But yf ye trompe, the hostes that lye on the east partes shall go forward. 6 And ye trompe the second tyme, the hoost that lyeth on the south syde shall take their iorneye: for they shall trompe when they take their iorneyes. 7 But when the congregacion is to be gathred together they shall blowe only, and not trompe. 8 And the sonnes of Aaron the preast shal blowe wt their trompettes, & ye shall haue them as a lawe for euer in your generacions. 9 And yf ye go to warre in your lande against your enemyes that vexe you, ye shall blowe with the trompettes: and ye shalbe remembred before the Lorde your God, to be saued from your enemies. 10 Also in the daye of your gladnes, and in your feaste dayes, and in the begynning of your monethes, ye shall blow the trompettes ouer your burntsacrifyces & peaceoffringes, that they maye be a remembraunce for you before youre God. I am the Lorde youre God. 11 And it came to passe the twentyth daye of the second moneth in the second yeare, that the cloude was taken vp from of the habitacion of wytnesse. 12 And the chyldren of Israel toke their iorney out of the desert of Sinai, & the cloude rested in the wyldernesse of Pharan. 13 And the fyrst toke their iorney at the mouth of the Lorde, by the hande of Moses. 14 In the first place went the standart of the hooste of Iuda, according to their armies, whose captayne was Nahasson the sonne of Aminadab. 15 And ouer the hoost of the tribe of the children of Isachar, was Nathanel the sonne of Zuar. 16 And ouer the hooste of the trybe of the children of Zabulon, was Eliab the sonne of Helon. 17 And the habitacyon was taken downe: and the sonnes of Gerson & Merari went forth bearyng the habitacyon. 18 And the hoost of Ruben went forth with their standart and armyes, whose captayne was Elizur the sonne of Sedeur. 19 And ouer the hooste of the trybe of the chyldren of Simeon was Salamiel the sonne of Suri Saddai. 20 And ouer the hoost of the trybe of the children of Gad was Eliasaph the sonne of Deguel. 21 The Cahathites also went forewarde and bare the sanctuarye, and the other dyd set vp the habitacion agaynst they came. 22 And the standart of the hoost of the children of Ephraim went forth accordynge to theyr armyes, whose captayne was Elisama the sonne of Amiud. 23 And ouer the hoost of the tribe of the sonnes of Manasse, was Gamaliel the sonne of Pedazur. 24 And ouer the hoost of the trybe of the sonnes Ben Iamin was Abidan the sonne of Gedeoni. 25 And the standart of the hoost of the chyldren of Dan came forth (hauing all the hostes together) thorowout their armyes: whose captayne was Ahiezer the sonne of Ammi Saddai. 26 And ouer the hooste of the trybe of the chyldren of Aser, was Pagiel the sonne of Ochram. 27 And ouer the hooste of the trybe of the chyldren of Nephtali, was Ahira the sonne of Enan. 28 These are the iorneyes of the chyldren of Israel thorowout theyr armyes: and thus the hoostes remoued. 29 And Moses sayde vnto Hobab the sonne of Raguel the Madianite: which was Moses father in lawe: we go vnto the place of which the Lorde sayd: I wyll geue it you. Come thou therfore with vs, & we wyll do the good: for the Lorde hath promysed good vnto Israel. 30 And he answered hym: I wyll not go: but will departe to myne awne land and to my kynred. 31 He sayde: Oh naye, leaue vs not: for thou knowest oure mansyons in the wyldernesse: and thou hast bene to vs in steade of eyes. 32 And yf thou go with vs loke what goodnesse the Lorde sheweth vnto vs, the same wyll we shewe vnto the. 33 And they departed from the mount of the Lorde, thre dayes iorneye: and the arcke of the testament of the Lord went before them in the thre dayes iorneye, to serche oute a restyng place for them. 34 And the Lorde made a shadowe for them thorowe the cloude by day, when they went out of the tentes. 35 And it fortuned, that whan the arck went forth, Moses sayde: Ryse vp Lorde, and let thyne enemyes be scatered: and let them that hate the, flye before the. 36 And when the arck rested, he sayde: Returne O Lorde vnto the many thousandes of Israel.