Sirach 34

Geneva(i) 1 The hope of a foolish man is vaine and false, and dreames make fooles to haue wings. 2 Who so regardeth dreames, is like him that wil take holde of a shadow, and follow after the winde. 3 Euen so is it with the appearings of dreames, as the likenes of a face is before another face. 4 Who can be clensed by the vncleane? Or what trueth can be spoken of a liar? 5 Southsayings, witchcraft, and dreaming is but vanitie, and a minde that is occupied with fantasies, is as a woman that trauaileth. 6 Where as such visions come not of the most High to trie thee, set not thine heart vpon them. 7 For dreames haue deceiued many, and they haue failed that put their trust therein. 8 The Lawe shall be fulfilled without lies, and wisedome is sufficient to a faithfull mouth: what knowledge hath he that is not tried? 9 A man that is instructed, vnderstandeth much, and hee that hath good experience, can talke of wisdome. 10 Hee that hath no experience, knoweth litle, and he that erreth, is full of craft. 11 When I wandered to and fro, I sawe many things, and mine vnderstanding is greater then I can expresse. 12 I was oft times in danger of death, yet I was deliuered by these things. 13 The spirit of those that feare the Lord, shall liue: for their hope is in him that can helpe them. 14 Who so feareth the Lorde, feareth no man, neither is afraide: for he is his hope. 15 Blessed is the soule of him that feareth the Lorde: in whome putteth hee his trust? Who is his strength? 16 For the eyes of the Lorde haue respect vnto them, that loue him: he is their mightie protection, and strong ground, a defence from the heat, and a shadowe for the noone day, a succour from stumbling, and an helpe from falling. 17 Hee setteth vp the soule, and lightneth the eyes: he giueth health, life and blessing. 18 He that giueth an offering of vnrighteous goods, offereth a mocking sacrifice, and the giftes of the vnrighteous, please not him. 19 But the Lord is theirs only, that paciently abide him in the way of trueth and righteousnes. 20 The most High doeth not alowe the offerings of the wicked, neither is he pacified for sinne by the multitude of sacrifice. 21 Who so bringeth an offering of the goods of the poore, doth as one that sacrificeth the sonne before the fathers eyes. 22 The bread of the needefull is the life of the poore: he that defraudeth him thereof, is a murtherer. 23 Hee that taketh away his neighbours liuing, slayeth him, and hee that defraudeth the labourer of his hire, is a bloodsheader. 24 When one buildeth, and another breaketh downe, what profite haue they then but labour? 25 When one prayeth, and another curseth, whose voyce will the Lord heare? 26 He that washeth himselfe because of a dead body, & toucheth it againe, what auaileth his washing? 27 So is it with a man that fasteth for his sinnes, and committeth them againe: who will heare his prayer? or what doeth his fasting helpe him?