Sirach 33

Geneva(i) 1 There shall no euil come vnto him that feareth the Lord: but when he is in tentation, he wil deliuer him againe. 2 A wise man hateth not the Lawe: but he that is an hypocrite therein, is as a shippe in a storme. 3 A man of vnderstanding walketh faithfully in the Lawe, and the Lawe is faithfull vnto him. 4 As the question is made, prepare the answere, and so shalt thou be heard: be sure of the matter, and so answere. 5 The heart of the foolish is like a cartwheele: and his thoughtes are like a rolling axeltree. 6 As a wilde horse neyeth vnder euery one that sitteth vpon him, so is a scornefull friend. 7 Why doth one day excell another, seeing that the light of the dayes of the yere come of the sunne? 8 The knowledge of the Lord hath parted them asunder, and he hath by them disposed the times and solemne feastes. 9 Some of them hath he chosen and sanctified, and some of them hath he put among the dayes to nomber. 10 And all men are of the ground, and Adam was created out of the earth: but the Lord hath deuided them by great knowledge, and made their wayes diuers. 11 Some of them hath hee blessed and exalted, and some of them hath he sanctified, & appropriate to himselfe: but some of them hath hee cursed, and brought them low, and put them out of their estate. 12 As the clay is in the potters hand, to order it at his pleasure, so are men also in the hand of their Creator, so that hee may rewarde them as liketh him best. 13 Against euil is good, and against death is life: so is the godly against the sinner, and the vngodly against the faithfull. 14 So in all the workes of the most High thou maist see that there are euer two, one against another. 15 I am awaked vp last of all, as one that gathereth after them in the vintage. In the blessing of the Lorde I am increased, and haue filled my wine presse, like a grape gatherer. 16 Beholde, how I haue not laboured onely for my selfe, but for all them that seeke knowledge. 17 Heare me, O ye great men of the people, and hearken with your eares, ye rulers of ye Cogregation. 18 Giue not thy sonne and wife, thy brother and friend, power ouer thee while thou liuest, and giue not away thy substance to another, lest it repent thee, and thou intreate for the same againe. 19 As long as thou liuest, and hast breath, giue not thy selfe ouer to any person. 20 For better it is that thy children should pray vnto thee, then that thou shouldest looke vp to the handes of thy children. 21 In all thy workes bee excellent, that thine honour be neuer stained. 22 At the time when thou shalt ende thy dayes, and finish thy life, distribute thine inheritance. 23 The fodder, the whippe and the burden belong vnto the asse: and meate, correction and worke vnto thy seruant. 24 If thou set thy seruant to labour, thou shalt finde rest: but if thou let him goe idle, he shall seeke libertie. 25 The yoke and the whippe bowe downe the hard necke: so tame thine euill seruant with the whippes and correction. 26 Send him to labour, that he goe not idle: for idlenesse bringeth much euil. 27 Set him to worke, for that belogeth vnto him: if he be not obedient, put on more heauie fetters. 28 But be not excessiue towarde any, and without discretion doe nothing. 29 If thou haue a faithfull seruant, let him bee vnto thee as thine owne soule: for in blood hast thou gotten him. If thou haue a seruant, intreat him as thy brother: for thou hast neede of him, as of thy selfe. If thou intreat him euill, and hee runne away, wilt thou seeke him?