Numbers 28:2-8

Geneva(i) 2 Command the children of Israel, and say vnto them, Ye shall obserue to offer vnto me in their due season mine offering, and my bread, for my sacrifices made by fire for a sweete sauour vnto me. 3 Also thou shalt say vnto them, This is the offring made by fire which ye shall offer vnto the Lord, two lambes of a yeere olde without spot, daily, for a continuall burnt offring. 4 One lambe shalt thou prepare in the morning, and the other lambe shalt thou prepare at euen. 5 And the tenth part of an Ephah of fine floure for a meate offering mingled with the fourth part of an Hin of beaten oyle. 6 This shalbe a daily burnt offering, as was made in the mount Sinai for a sweete sauour: it is a sacrifice made by fire vnto the Lord. 7 And the drinke offring thereof the fourth part of an Hin for one lambe: in the holy place cause to powre the drinke offring vnto the Lord. 8 And the other lambe thou shalt prepare at euen: as the meate offring of the morning, and as the drinke offering thereof shalt thou prepare this for an offring made by fire of sweete sauour vnto the Lord.