Judith 3

Geneva(i) 1 So they sent ambassadours to him with messages of peace, saying, 2 Beholde, we are the seruants of Nabuchodonosor the great king: we lie downe before thee: vse vs as shalbe good in thy sight. 3 Beholde, our houses and all our places, and all our fieldes of wheate, & our flocks, and our heards, and all our lodges and tabernacles lie before thy face: vse them as it pleaseth thee. 4 Beholde, euen our cities and the inhabitantes therof are thy seruants come, and take them, as seemeth good to thee. 5 So the men came to Olofernes, and declared vnto them after this maner. 6 The came he downe toward ye sea coast, both he and his armie, and set garisons in the hie cities, and tooke out of them chosen men for the warre. 7 So they and all the countrey round about receiued them, with crownes, with daunces, and with timbrels. 8 Yet he brake downe all their borders, and cut downe their woods: for it was inioyned him to destroy al the gods of the land, that al nations should worship Nabuchodonosor only, & that all tongues and tribes should call vpon him as God. 9 Also he came against Esdrælon, neere vnto Iudea, ouer against the great straite of Iudea, 10 And he pitched betweene Geba, and a citie of ye Scythians, & there he taried a moneth, that he might assemble all the baggage of his armie.