Geneva(i) 1 In the twelfth yere of the reigne of Nabuchodonosor, who reigned in Nineue the great citie (in the dayes of Arphaxad, which reigned ouer the Medes in Ecbatane, 2 And buylt in Ecbatane the walles round about, of hewen stone, three cubites broad, & sixe cubits long, & made the height of the wal seuetie cubits, & the bredth therof fiftie cubits, 3 And made the towres thereof in the gates of it of an hundreth cubites, and the breadth thereof in the foundation three score cubites, 4 And made the gates thereof, euen gates that were lifted vp on hie, seuentie cubites, & the bredth of the fourtie cubits, for ye going forth of his mightie armies, & for the setting in aray of his footeme) 5 Euen in those dayes, King Nabuchodonosor made warre with King Arphaxad in the great field, which is the field in the coastes of Ragau. 6 Then came vnto him all they that dwelt in the mountaines, & all that dwelt by Euphrates, and Tygris & Hydaspes, & the countrey of Arioch the king of the Elymeans, & very many nations assembled theselues to the battel of ye sonnes of Chelod. 7 And Nabuchodonosor King of the Assyrians sent vnto all that dwelt in Persia, & to all that dwelt in the West, and to those that dwelt in Cilicia, and Damascus, and Libanus & Antilibanus, and to all that dwelt vpon the sea coast, 8 And to the people that are in Carmel, and Galaad, and the hier Galile, and the great fielde of Esdrelam, 9 And to all that were in Samaria, & the cities therof, & beyond Iorden vnto Ierusalem, & Betane, and Chellus, and Cades, & the riuer of Egypt, and Taphnes, and Ramesse, and all the land of Gesem, 10 Vnto one come to Tanis, and Memphis, and to all the inhabitantes of Egypt, and to one come to the mountaines of Ethiopia. 11 But all the inhabitants of this countrey did not passe for the comandement of Nabuchodonosor King of the Assyrians, neither would they come with him to the battel: for they did not feare him: yea, he was before them as one man: therefore they sent away his ambassadours from them without effect, and with dishonour. 12 Therefore Nabuchodonosor was very angry, with all this countrey, and sware by his throne and kingdome that he woulde surely be auenged vpon all those coastes of Cilicia & Damascus, & Syria, & that he woulde slay with the sworde all the inhabitants of the land of Moab, and the children of Ammon, and all Iudea, and all that were in Egypt, till one come to the borders of the two seas. 13 Then hee marched in battell aray with his power against King Arphaxad in the seuenteenth yeere, & he preuailed in his battel: for he ouerthrew all the power of Arphaxad, and all his horsemen, & all his chariots. 14 And he wanne his cities, & came vnto Ecbatane, and tooke the towres, and spoyled the streetes thereof, and turned the beautie thereof into shame. 15 He tooke also Arphaxad in the mountaines of Ragau, and smote him through with his dartes, and destroyed him vtterly that day. 16 So he returned afterward to Nineue, both he and all his companie with a very great multitude of men of warre, and there he passed the time, and banketed, both he, and his armie an hundreth and twentie dayes.