Job 39:30

Geneva(i) 30 Doeth the eagle mount vp at thy commandement, or make his nest on hie? [ (Job 39:31) Shee abideth and remaineth in the rocke, euen vpon the toppe of the rocke, and the tower. ] [ (Job 39:32) From thence she spieth for meate, and her eyes beholde afarre off. ] [ (Job 39:33) His young ones also sucke vp blood: and where the slaine are, there is she. ] [ (Job 39:34) Moreouer ye Lord spake vnto Iob, and said, ] [ (Job 39:35) Is this to learne to striue with the Almightie? he that reprooueth God, let him answere to it. ] [ (Job 39:36) Then Iob answered the Lord, saying, ] [ (Job 39:37) Beholde, I am vile: what shall I answere thee? I will lay mine hand vpon my mouth. ] [ (Job 39:38) Once haue I spoken, but I will answere no more, yea twise, but I will proceede no further. ]