Joshua 24

ECB(i) 1
YAH SHUA REVIEWS HISTORY And Yah Shua gathers all the scions of Yisra El to Shechem and calls for the elders of Yisra El and for their heads and for their judges and for their officers; and they set at the face of Elohim. 2 And Yah Shua says to all the people, Thus says Yah Veh Elohim of Yisra El: Your fathers originally settled beyond the river - Terach the father of Abraham the father of Nachor and they served other elohim: 3 and I took your father Abraham from beyond the river and walked him through all the land of Kenaan; and abounded his seed and gave him Yischaq: 4 and I gave Yischaq Yaaqov and Esav: and I gave Esav mount Seir to possess; but Yaaqov and his sons descended into Misrayim. 5 and I sent Mosheh and Aharon and I smote Misrayim as I worked among them: and afterward I brought you out. 6 And I brought your fathers from Misrayim: and you came to the sea; and the Misrayim pursued your fathers with chariots and cavalry to the Reed sea. 7 And when they cried to Yah Veh, he set darkness between you and between the Misrayim and brought the sea on them and covered them; and your eyes saw what I worked in Misrayim: and you settled in the wilderness many days. 8 And I brought you to the land of the Emoriy who settled beyond Yarden; and they fought with you: and I gave them into your hand to possess their land; and I desolated them from your face. 9 And Balaq the son of Sippor sovereign of Moab rose and fought against Yisra El and sent and called Bilam the son of Beor to abase you; 10 but I willed to not hearken to Bilam: and in blessing, he blessed you: thus I delivered you from his hand. 11 And you passed over Yarden and came to Yericho: and the masters of Yericho fought against you - the Emoriy and the Perizziy and the Kenaaniy and the Hethiy and the Girgashiy the Hivviy and the Yebusiy; and I gave them into your hand: 12 and I sent the hornet from your face who drove them from your face - the two sovereigns of the Emoriy - neither with your sword nor with your bow: 13 and I gave you a land for which you labored not and cities which you built not and you settled in them; of the vineyards and oliveyards which you planted not, you eat. 14
YAH SHUA CHALLENGES YISRA EL Now awe Yah Veh and serve him in integrity and in truth: and turn aside the elohim your fathers served beyond the river and in Misrayim; and serve Yah Veh: 15 and if it vilify your eyes to serve Yah Veh, choose you this day whomever you serve - whether the elohim your fathers served beyond the river; or the elohim of the Emoriy in whose land you settle: but as for me and my house, we serve Yah Veh. 16 And the people answer and say, Far be it that we forsake Yah Veh to serve other elohim; 17 for Yah Veh our Elohim ascended us and our fathers from the land of Misrayim from the house of servants and worked those great signs in our eyes; and guarded us in all the way we went and among all the people among whom we passed: 18 and Yah Veh drove all the people from our face - even the Emoriy who settled in the land: we also serve Yah Veh; for he is our Elohim. 19 And Yah Shua says to the people, You cannot serve Yah Veh: for he is a holy Elohim; he is a jealous El; he lifts neither your rebellions nor your sins. 20 When you forsake Yah Veh and serve strange elohim he turns and vilifies you and finishes you off after he has well-pleased you. 21 And the people say to Yah Shua, No! But we serve Yah Veh. 22 And Yah Shua says to the people, You are witnesses against yourselves that you have chosen Yah Veh - to serve him. And they say, We are witnesses. 23 And now, turn aside the strange elohim among you and spread your heart to Yah Veh Elohim of Yisra El. 24 And the people say to Yah Shua, Yah Veh our Elohim we serve: and his voice we hear! 25 And Yah Shua cuts a covenant with the people that day and sets them a statute and a judgment in Shechem: 26 and Yah Shua inscribes these words in the scroll of the torah of Elohim and takes a great stone and raises it there under an oak by the holies of Yah Veh. 27 And Yah Shua says to all the people, Behold, this stone becomes a witness to us; for it hears all the sayings Yah Veh words to us: it becomes a witness to you lest you deny your Elohim. 28 So Yah Shua sends the people away - every man to his inheritance. 29
THE ENTOMBMENT OF YAH SHUA And so be it, after these words, Yah Shua the son of Nun the servant of Yah Veh dies - a son of a hundred and ten years: 30 and they entomb him in the border of his inheritance in Timnah Heres in mount Ephrayim north of the mountain of Gaash. 31
THE FIDELITY OF YISRA EL And Yisra El serves Yah Veh all the days of Yah Shua and all the days the elders prolonged after Yah Shua - who knew all the works Yah Veh worked for Yisra El. 32 And the bones of Yoseph, which the sons of Yisra El ascend from Misrayim, they entomb in Shechem - in a field of allotment Yaaqov chatteled from the sons of Hamor the father of Shechem for a hundred ingots: and thus it became the inheritance of the sons of Yoseph. 33 And El Azar the son of Aharon dies; and they entomb him in a hill of Pinechas his son, given him in mount Ephrayim.